Ron Johnson calls Joe Biden 'socialist and Marxist', slammed as 'Putin puppet'

Speaking about Biden's foreign policies, senator Ron Johnson told Sean Hannity that Biden is 'weak' and his policies are like 'self-inflicted wounds'

                            Ron Johnson calls Joe Biden 'socialist and Marxist', slammed as 'Putin puppet'
People flooded Twitter with hilarious remarks on Ron Johnson's understanding of President Joe Biden's policies(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images/Photo by Phil Noble - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Senator Ron Johnson faced severe trolling on the Internet for calling President Joe Biden a 'liberal progressive socialist Marxist.' Speaking about Biden's foreign policies, the senator said that he is "weak" and his policies are like "self-inflicted wounds". People flooded Twitter with hilarious remarks on Johnson's understanding of Biden's policies.

Senator  Johnson was speaking to FOX News' Sean Hannity about why Biden was "granting waivers to countries that are not particularly friendly towards US" when he made the remark. He said, "He (Biden) is weak, " and added, "Do not ask me to get into the mind of a liberal, progressive socialist, Marxist like President Biden."  Johnson is accused of allegedly laundering Russian propaganda through his committee before Democrats took control of the Senate. Johnson has often been dubbed as a "Russian asset" by several of his congressional colleagues.


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Johnson had made this remark when he was asked by Hannity on his June 10 show about Biden administration's recent moves to block the Keystone pipeline, waive sanctions on the company behind Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and drop a Trump administration order targeting TikTok.

In a statement later released by his office, Johnson said: “President Biden is exacerbating the problems facing this nation. Border crisis, national debt, international weakness. Who knows what label to apply to these policy catastrophes, but we certainly know he’s no moderate." He later tweeted the same.



'Russian asset'

People flooded Twitter with comments trolling senator Johnson, calling him a 'Russian asset' and someone 'who does everything that Putin says'. One user wrote, "Yes. He’s a Russian asset. He’s been proving it for years now." Another commented, "And yet Ron Johnson is the one who went to russia on July 4th." One tweet read, "He goes where Putin tells him to go and when Putin tells him to be there." One user took a step further and wrote, "Ron Johnson is a Putin puppet."







'Roh Johnson can't explain the meaning of those words'

Some people had a hilarious reaction to senator Johnson's statement, claiming that 'he doesn't even know the meaning of those words.' One user wrote, "Considering he probably doesn't know what any of those mean." Another commented, "I'd pay a bazillion dollars to have someone ask Johnson to define any one of those words." One tweet read, "I would pay real money to hear him explain what each of those words mean." Another user wrote, "Word salad. He doesn't know what any of it means."





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