'Celebrity IOU' Season 4: Fans laud Tiffany Haddish for 2-decade-long friendship with Selena

'Celebrity IOU' Season 4: Fans laud Tiffany Haddish for 2-decade-long friendship with Selena
Tiffany Haddish and Best Friend, Selena (HGTV)

Fans of the hit HGTV home remodeling program 'Celebrity IOU' laud Tiffany Haddish and her bond with longstanding pal Selena for everything from comedy to loyalty. HGTV has returned with its much-anticipated show, 'Celebrity IOU,' which has had viewers hooked since its debut in 2020.

The format is straightforward, and the goal is to enhance people's lives via design. Each episode has a celebrity teaming up with the 'Property Brothers,' Jonathan and Drew Scott, to give someone special a new, updated home. Tiffany Haddish featured on the first episode of the new season, and although everyone is excited, there's a segment of the internet that is completely enamored by the actress's dedication to her lifelong friendship as well as her investment in design and building. Fans were quick to take it to Twitter - "Tiffany Haddish works hard! She is a great friend, and so generous! #CelebIOU #OnHGTV"


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For starters, Tiffany welcomed her closest friend and her family into her house while the Property Brothers worked on the latter's property. She went on to share how Selena supported her in getting through the past. Selena had always been at her side, from foster homes to a failed marriage, and the actress couldn't thank her enough. She and the Scotts find a way to give her back a little something.

Tiffany decided to give Selena, her lifelong friend whom she has known since 7th grade, a much-needed makeover in her bathroom and kitchen. The American stand-up comedian and actress wanted to transform her dated house into a dream home to demonstrate her love for her closest friend. She was quite obvious from the outset about what she wanted and how she wanted the Property Brothers to work their magic and turn the place around.

Tiffany's loyalty and dedication to her companion were lauded by her fans. "Tiffany Haddish is so sweet and humble and most of all a loyal friend, watching great episode. #celebrityIOU"





She not only contributed ideas to the project, but she also found time in her hectic schedule to help out. The kitchen and bathroom were renovated before the deadline. The Property Brothers left no stone unturned to ensure Selena and her family got what they deserved, from new marbles on the bathroom floor to white stones on the fireplace, and new railings to comfy seating. The Property Brothers didn't just want to build a gorgeous house; they also wanted it to be safe. In a nutshell, it was everything Selena had wished for years. Tiffany was delighted to make her happy. The transformation, as well as Tiffany's active participation, was a huge hit with the viewers.





Every Monday, HGTV airs all new episodes of 'Celebrity IOU.'

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