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'FBI: Most Wanted' Season 3: When will Episode 15 air? Here's what to expect

Though fans were left hanging, the showrunners have released just enough information on Episode 15 of 'FBI: Most Wanted' Season 3 to keep them excited
A still from 'FBI: Most Wanted' (CBS)
A still from 'FBI: Most Wanted' (CBS)

It hasn't been long since Jess LaCroix was abruptly taken from us. Described as insightful, talented, and thoughtful, the character, played by Julian McMahon, was first seen in Episode 18 of 'FBI' in 2019. Titled 'Most Wanted,' it served as the backdoor pilot for 'FBI: Most Wanted' and saw the Fugitive Task Force track and apprehend a man who murdered his entire family.

For the uninitiated, here's a quick rundown of the events that led to Jess' tragic death. Episode 14 of 'FBI: Most Wanted' Season 3 saw the Most Wanted team pursue an extremely violent man who was leaving a trail of dead bodies as he went about looking for his ex-girlfriend. Titled 'Shattered,' the episode ended with Jess dying in the line of duty after getting shot in the neck and showed Byron LaCroix and Sarah Allen being flown down to look over his funeral. 


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When will Episode 15 of 'FBI: Most Wanted' Season 3 air?

Episode 15 of 'FBI: Most Wanted' will air on March 22, 2022. Fans of the franchise can also expect Episode 15 of 'FBI' Season 4, titled 'Scar Tissue,' and Episode 14 of 'FBI: International,' titled 'The Kill List,' to air on the same day. 

What is Episode 15 of 'FBI: Most Wanted' Season 3 going to be about?

Titled 'Incel,' the official synopsis for Episode 15 reads, "The team must track down a murderous member of the incel community targeting those he believes never give him a chance. Also, Barnes, Hana, Ortiz and Kristin deal with their grief in the wake of Jess' death." 

What to expect from Episode 15 of 'FBI: Most Wanted' Season 3?

We can expect 'Incel' to be laden with emotions as the Most Wanted team and Jess' close ones process his untimely demise. Promotional photos also show some of the team members helping Sarah finish painting Jess' house. We can also expect Isobel Castille to guide the team in this episode as 'FBI' star Alana De La Garza is a part of Episode 15 of 'FBI: Most Wanted' Season 3. Lastly, the upcoming episode of 'FBI: Most Wanted' could give us a peek into the incel community but that's a no-brainer given the premise. 

'FBI: Most Wanted' airs Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on CBS.