'FBI: International': Who is Angela? Forrester's mother accused of selling national secrets

'FBI: International': Who is Angela? Forrester's mother accused of selling national secrets
Elizabeth Mitchell plays Luke Kleintank's estranged mother in 'FBI: International' (IMDb)

Episode 12 of 'FBI: International' introduced us to someone from Scott Forrester's past. Beginning at a bar in Transnistria, it showed Forrester's estranged mother, Angela Cassidy, resurface in his life. The character had been mentioned a couple of times in previous episodes, but 'One Point One Million Followers' officially marked the return of Forrester's mother.

Through a brief but emotionally charged conversation, it's revealed that Cassidy is a fugitive from the American government and that she has a favor to ask of Forrester. Cassidy tries to get Forrester to help her out, claiming that he would receive the closure that he has longed for in the process. The episode, that saw the Fly team pursue a tech tycoon who riles up his social media followers against them after being suspected of murder, ended with Forrester agreeing to help Cassidy. However, it's a setup, as it's revealed that Forrester had informed his superiors about Cassidy and that he agreed to meet her only to hand her over to the US government. 


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Who is Angela Cassidy?

Episode 5 of 'FBI: International' showed Forrester receiving a recent photograph of Cassidy in Moscow. Over the episodes that followed, we find out that Cassidy was a foreign service offer working for the United States. We also find out that she was accused of selling national secrets to Russia and that she has been at large since 2005. Her disappearance along with the accusations of treason made Forrester's life very difficult, and he has spent the last 16 years looking for answers while still feeling abandoned by her. Forrester's pursuit of the truth isn't something that his superiors appreciate and results in him being ordered to stop this line of investigation. 

A still from 'FBI: International' Episode 12 (CBS)

Angela, however, claims to be innocent, adding that she is the victim of circumstances. She asks Forrester to retrieve a classified file, assuring him that it contains all the answers that Forrester has been looking for. 

So, what does the future hold for Agent Scott Forrester and his mother? Only time will tell!

'FBI: International' airs Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on CBS.

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