Is Carl's Jr on OnlyFans? Fast food chain's sensual ad has everyone excited

Carl's Jr's blurred-out Instagram photo warns users about their OnlyFans' 'hot hand-breading content that some people may find too mouth-watering'

                            Is Carl's Jr on OnlyFans? Fast food chain's sensual ad has everyone excited
In this photo illustration, a Carl's Jr. Famous Star Beyond Meat burger is displayed at a Carl's Jr (Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Although OnlyFans has become quite famous (or infamous) for its treasure trove of celebrities creating adult content, verging on porn, nobody really expected it to host a fast-food brand on its subcription-bound platform. 

After announcing their new Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich in May, Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s have partnered with Munchies, the food sub-brand of Vice, to promote their new delicacy on the OnlyFans platform, all in the bid to win the "fast-food chicken sandwich war." The fast-food chain also went all out in its provocative postings about its OnlyFans page, with the handle @hothandbreaded, sharing a blurred-out Instagram photo warning users about "hot hand-breading content that some people may find too mouth-watering."


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Starting June 17, Munchies started sharing salacious content promoting the all-new chicken sandwich from Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s in a campaign that made ample use of every double entendre imaginable. “The whole idea came out of this idea of obsession, which we thought OnlyFans was perfect for,” said Patty Trevino, SVP of marketing at Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s parent company CKE Restaurants. “Carl’s Jr has always been a little provocative, so our franchisees are very used to us marketing in non-traditional ways.”

The Carl's Jr.'s OnlyFans page, which users can browse for free, offers suggestive videos such as one featuring a pair of disembodied manicured hands caressing hamburger buns, stretching its sticky strands of honey in slow motion. There is also one where a hand stirs buttermilk sauces all in the attempt to promote the new chicken and waffle sandwiches, dripping in maple syrup.


The sexualized food porn-like content also plays on the fact that people all over the nation are just emerging from the COVID-19 lockdown and hence craving touch and intimacy, which has been an impossibility for months during quarantine.

Mary Keane-Dawson, CEO of the influencer marketing agency Takumi, said that the campaign and its nod to the zeitgeist make the visuals very tempting. “What they’re promoting is the joy of food. It’s about dirty food and enjoying being dirty,” Keane-Dawson said. “It completely differentiates them from every other chicken sandwich, and the timing is genius.”

Twitter, however, was split on whether they wanted such adult content ads from a fast-food company. While some seem to be inviting the idea, others were confused by it. One of them said, "just found out carl’s jr. has an only fans and i have a lot of questions. the first one is why." Another noted, "Why the f**k does Carl’s Jr. have an onlyfans for??" A third commented, "Carl’s Jr. on OnlyFans... Show me your buns guuurl! I do love the look of a juicy burger I rarely get one lately." One more quipped, "Carl's Jr is on only fans... Well their target demographic is males 18-49." The next remarked, "Carl’s Jr. got a Only fans so you know what I’m watching this weekend."