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Tiffany Poindexter: OnlyFans star's kids were expelled from school after parents found out

Tiffany Poindexter often ventures into the deserts of California and Nevada to scout and hunt her prey
UPDATED JUN 23, 2021

The OnlyFans model and working mom who was bullied by fellow parents over her means of making money online has now revealed a previously unknown passion for trophy hunting.  

The 44-year-old Crystal Jackson, who performs on OnlyFans under the name Tiffany Poindexter or "Mrs Poindexter", said she often ventures into the deserts of California and Nevada to scout and hunt her prey. Tiffany believes trophy hunting is far from a "bloodthirsty" hobby as it is following tribal traditions and helping local communities, and that little if any of the kills go to waste.


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“My tribal traditions require using the whole animal taken: the meat is food, some of my relatives from the tribe will take the hide and tan it and make some of the hides into drums or other things, and the bones are dried and painted and made into toys for children," the mother-of-three said, as quoted by the Daily Star.

“In a rare case, I will have an especially prized animal mounted for display – but that is expensive. When I’m actually hunting, I will field dress the animal when I take him and leave the offal for the scavengers and carry the animal back to my cabin," she explained. "There, I have a cleaning hoist and slowly remove the hide with my little hunting knife and prepare the carcass for butchering." Tiffany added, "In any hunt, after taking an animal, I do always say a prayer for that animal and to Mother Earth for her bounty.”

While her controversial hobby could turn off some fans, Tiffany said the majority of her followers are rather supportive and that she's barely received any negative comments. “Many of my fans are outdoors-people because some of my content will occasionally feature hunting or outdoors-type activities, and they gravitate to me in the first place because of that," she explained.


The brunette beauty said she was inspired to hunt after joining her father on his trips from the age of three. She revealed she even takes her own boys, aged 8, 10, and 12, along. “They always go hunting with me, but they’re too young to hunt or spend all morning and day traversing the desert," she added. "So my husband will set them a camp in the desert to play and explore while I scout about."

Who is Tiffany Poindexter?

Tiffany Poindexter is a passionate huntress who owns several firearms, reportedly spending over $1,000 on rifles and up to $1,500 on scopes. Considering her flourishing OnlyFans career, Tiffany has plenty of money to support the lavish pastime.

She revealed that her raunchy online content saw a massive spike in interest after it emerged that her children had been expelled from their previous school after pushback from disgruntled parents over her OF account. According to the Daily Star, Tiffany's kids were forced out of their private Catholic school after officials found out about her modeling career.


Following the controversy, however, Tiffany reportedly made hundreds of thousands every week from her subscribers, so much that she now wants to donate some of her earnings.

“I’m going to donate some money, because I’m like, we don’t need all this money right?” the mother-of-three told the Daily Mirror. “We’re gonna have to find something to do with it. We didn’t go to the press for all this money so I just don’t feel comfortable having all this, it’s just weird.”