What's the cost of Arby's Meat Mountain Sandwich? Internet says ‘dead flesh' giving them 'heebie-jeebies'

Arby's picture advertising the 'meat mountain' became the talk of the town after a patron of the fast joint posted a picture comparing the reel and real life food item

                            What's the cost of Arby's Meat Mountain Sandwich? Internet says ‘dead flesh' giving them 'heebie-jeebies'
Arby's Meat Mountain Sandwich stacked ridiculously high with almost all meats (drmarbys)

Known for its juicy and crunchy meat sandwiches, Arby is one of the biggest sandwich chains in America. They are popular for their classic Roast Beef, Beef 'n’ Cheddar sandwiches and Curly Fries but their Meat Mountain Sandwich can easily be counted as one of the hottest selling items from their extensive menu.

Arby’s Meat Mountain Sandwich was all of a sudden trending on Twitter when a user shared a comparison picture of the photo given on the website to the one which he actually got at the restaurant. Well, there are no points for guessing that the website's image looked utterly scrumptious but the individual who got to eat it in real surely had a nightmare having it.

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Arby's Meat Mountain Sandwich (Instagram @arbys)

Is something wrong with Arby’s Meat Mountain Sandwich?

The picture shared by a Twitter user soon became the talk of the town as the real and reel picture had a huge difference. Additionally, the Internet said that the Meat Mountain Sandwich looked as if an alien had been served. The user who sparked the discussion over Arby’s hottest selling item captioned his post as, “Arrest everybody” along with a few laughing emoticons.



What is the cost of Arby's Meat Mountain Sandwich?

Arby's Meat Mountain Sandwich is part of the food chain’s Secret Menu. The official website of Arby describes the huge sandwich as, “​The biggest sandwich Arby’s has ever sold. Stacked ridiculously high with almost all the meats. Two chicken tenders, slices of roast turkey, pit-smoked ham, corned beef, 13-hour smoked brisket, USDA-choice Angus steak, roast beef, and pepper bacon. There’s also cheddar and swiss cheese somewhere in there.”

The website also states, “If you love meat, an Arby’s Meat Mountain sandwich will probably have you drooling! And so it should. Starting with a chicken tender base, it moves up with roast turkey, ham and swiss cheese. The meat continues with brisket, corned beef, angus steak and cheddar cheese. Finally, the proverbial cherry on top is the crispy bacon. This sandwich goes beyond expectations. Just head into an Arby’s and ask for the Meat Mountain. If they don’t know what you’re talking about, just let them know you want all of their meats stacked on a bun.”  If we talk about the cost of this popular item, then one has to shell out $10 for this gigantic sandwich. 

Arby's Meat Mountain Sandwich (Instagram @arbys)


‘Most disgusting looking sandwich I’ve seen’

As soon as the comparison post started gaining momentum, a lot of social media users rushed to Twitter to share their valuable opinion on the matter while making fun of Arby’s hot-selling item. One user posted, “First of all wtf you doing in arby’s, second of all you had the audacity to order something called the meat mountain sandwich.” One stated, “Another reason I'm a happy vegan! The one on the right is a prettier picture, but the thought of all the dead flesh and formaldehyde-like chemicals in both gives me the heebie-jeebies.”

Another had a slightly different opinion, “Arby’s is goated! I’m sorry whoever took this pic had a bad experience. But that place is S tier for “fast food” while the next one slammed the joint and asserted, “Wtf kind of Arby's did you go to to get a chicken finger thag looked like that? Ain't ever seen no s**t like it since I went to Hardy's that one time. Ain't never goin back.” One user said, “The Arby’s meat mountain is the most disgusting looking sandwich I’ve seen.” Another added, “I love @Arbys deli sandwiches - BUT that Arby Meat Mountain looks like it's been in @HJBenjamin's coat pocket.  Yo Arby's put that crap on a skewer like a shish kebab!” One individual concluded, “Arby’s is nasty as hell.” 

Arby's Meat Mountain Sandwich (Instagram @arbys)
















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