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Who is Railey Diesel? OnlyFans adult model shocked as neighbor confronts her while filming

Railey Diesel also hinted at the possibility of her neighbor being aware that she was more than just watching television
UPDATED JUN 20, 2021
Railey Diesel was confronted by a neighbour mid-filming (Instagram: @raileysinsta)
Railey Diesel was confronted by a neighbour mid-filming (Instagram: @raileysinsta)

OnlyFans content creators are usually in the news for slamming celebrities encroaching upon sex workers' platform, but this time it's a much lighter incident. Awkward, nevertheless, an OnlyFans model found herself confronted by a neighbor in the middle of filming a racy scene inside her Airbnb. Identified as Railey Diesel, the adult entertainer opened up to the media about how she was approached by a neighbor who had requested her to turn down her TV as he claimed his children could hear and were getting "curious" about what she was watching.

OnlyFans model Diesel also hinted at the possibility of her neighbor being aware that she was more than just watching television, but appreciated him not exposing her or trying to shame her for her work. She told The Mirror how her initial reaction upon hearing her doorbell buzzed mid filming was to "jump up in shock" and tried ignoring it hoping he would leave. 


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Diesel's OnlyFans interruption

A TikTok video that Diesel filmed of herself answering the door, also shows the model clad in silk, floral printed peach robe as she pokes her head out. The neighbor at Diesel's door can be heard saying (according to captions used in the video) "Hi, I'm your neighbor from just around the corner. We are just trying to have a family lunch and I was wondering if you don't mind turning your TV volume down or shutting your window." Diesel, who's only visible from her back, responds: "Oh, I'm so sorry. Of course."

The man then further explains: "We have some very small children and they are very curious to know what you're watching. Yeah that's pretty much everything. That's okay, if you could do that I'd appreciate it. Thank you very much." Diesel apologizes again and informs her neighbor she wasn't aware her window was open. Diesel then shuts the door and covers her mouth in shock as the video ends. Sharing it on her TikTok account @RaileyDiesel, the model captioned the video: "I was making [an OnlyFans] video then this happened." The clip has since been liked 1.5 million times with thousands of comments.


OMG they thought I was watching a 'movie' 😭😂

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Who is Railey Diesel? 

The adult content creator recently emerged to viral TikTok fame after the awkward incident mid-filming. The model, 31, revealed that after ignoring the first buzz, when her neighbor buzzed her bell a few more times, Diesel finally decided to open the door. "It was just a normal day of me making content but as I'm currently staying in an Airbnb I'm not too familiar with my surroundings," Diesel explained in her interview with the outlet.

"My window was slightly open and in the middle of filming my door buzzed," she added. "Naturally I jumped up to put my robe on and kind of tried to ignore the first buzz hoping that whoever was outside would walk away. But after couple more buzzes I had to open the door. I saw this shy man trying to explain that my TV was a bit too loud."

Railey Diesel in shock after the awkward encounter with her neighbor (Tiktok: @raileydiesel)

'The guy did a good job talking to me'

She continued: "I think potentially he was just super polite about it and might have known that sounds were not coming out of the TV and that his children could hear it." Diesel however also clarified: "I felt bad that children were able to hear it but the guy did a good job talking to me and not trying to expose or embarrass me whatsoever, he just did the right thing."

Diesel, who has amassed 642.2k followers on TikTok, and another 44.6k on Instagram, is known for teasing snippets from her OnlyFans account on her other social media platforms. She told The Mirror how she has been extra careful about keeping windows shut ever since the incident, and jokes she is happy she has only a few weeks left in the Airbnb.