'Bull' Season 6, Episode 14: Bull helps agoraphobic client get justice for dead aunt

'Bull' Season 6, Episode 14: Bull helps agoraphobic client get justice for dead aunt
Michael Weatherly as Jason Bull in 'Bull' (CBS)

Spoilers for 'Bull' Season 6, Episode 14 'Safe Space'

CBS's legal drama 'Bull' deals with common as well as some really interesting and real cases with tonight's episode shedding light on a client suffering from intense agoraphobia which poses a disadvantage to his case.

Episode 14 of 'Bull' also saw Chunk (Christopher Jackson) hesitate to introduce his boyfriend to his mother as they tiptoe around the subject of him being queer. Bull also gets a blast from the past, as his client is someone he was previously treating when they were a child. So read on to know what happened in the latest episode!


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Episode 14 sees Bull (Michael Weatherly) receive a package containing evidence and a letter from a known person requesting his help to prove the murderer of his aunt guilty. It's from his ex-patient Sam Richards(Daniel Marconi) who he couldn't finish treating as a child, as he was taken out of therapy. Sam suffers from an intense anxiety disorder which leaves him with crippling anxiety and panic attacks. The kid who lost his aunt 6 years ago wants to get justice for her, but the case being old and him having the disorder makes it difficult. 

Daniel Marconi as Sam Richards in 'Bull' (CBS)


The suspect had given a fake alibi when his aunt was murdered and Sam who was a child then was found in a catatonic state, unable to give a statement for weeks as he had an attack in his room when he overheard the fight. The opposing party makes Sam look bad as he doesn't show up to testify in court but rather does it via camera as he is afraid of leaving the house. The suspect even brings in an accomplice to make Sam seem discreditable which leads to Bull having to tell Sam that he needs to be in court.

Michael Weatherly as Jason Bull, Daniel Marconi as Sam Richards in 'Bull' (CBS)


Being a doctor Bull is calm and patient with him, slowly teaching him how to step out of his bubble. Sam successfully testifies in court and paired with new evidence the team finds, manages to win the case and get justice for his aunt, who was the only one who had ever cared for him. The episode ends on a heartwarming note, showing Bull treating Sam and making him take baby steps in dealing with his agoraphobia by going on short walks around the block with him. 

Bull' airs Thursdays at 10 pm ET on CBS. 

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