'Bull' Season 6 Episode 4: Fans reveal suspicions about the murderer Bull is after

'Bull' Season 6 Episode 4: Fans reveal suspicions about the murderer Bull is after
A still from 'Bull' Season 6 Episode 3 (CBS)

Spoilers for 'Bull' Season 6 Episode 3 'Bull Undone'

The latest episode of 'Bull' sees Jason Bull and TAC take on a homicide case that sees the accused Jackson Martin (Ryan Cooper) plead not guilty. The official synopsis reads: "Bull contends with a biased jury pool when TAC represents a man charged with his high school girlfriend’s murder after a docuseries depicts him as the prime suspect in the decades-old homicide."

Over the course of the episode, it is revealed that Jackson's brother, Billy (Jeff Alden) was the one involved in the murder. With the younger brother struggling to get his testimony right, Bull begins to suspect foul play and gets Voss, the producer of the docuseries to film a segment with Billy where he attempts to tell his part of the story. Over the course of the interview, he panics and confesses the truth that he killed Sarah. He attempted to kiss her and they struggle after he pushes him away. In her attempt to escape, she hits her head and dies.


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Billy tells his father about the incident and the duo then covers it up by burying her in the father’s worksite. The fans who had tuned in to watch the episode had guessed that it was Billy midway through the episode. "Wow! The brother killed his girlfriend! Dr. Bull got him to confess to the murder! What a case! #Bull" read one of the tweets. "Sounds like the Dad has the favorite son, that he's willing to bribe the police & let Jackson take the rap for murder which is the worse excuse for a father!!!! #BullCBS #Bull," read another.

"Yeah, now I'm even more suspicious of the brother. #Bull" one of the fans wrote. "Wow! The brother is lying to give him an alibi! This case keeps getting worse! Maybe that picture of him in a brace can help his case, but I doubt it! #Bull" one of the comments read. "I do think it's Billy, the brother, but Jackson still looks guilty. #Bull" a fan remarked.







'Bull' Season 6 airs Thursdays at 10 pm ET on CBS. 

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