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'Always BTS & ARMY': Korean fans to do crowd control at free Busan concert after city's mismanagement

Busan was first slammed for hiking hotel prices and holding the concert at a 100k audience venue with one gate
BTS to hold a free Busan concert (@HYBE_MERCH/Twitter)
BTS to hold a free Busan concert (@HYBE_MERCH/Twitter)

BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA: While the free BTS Busan concert may have started off with much excitement, making it a reality has been a nightmare. And since it doesn't look like it is going to be canceled, Korean fans are doing their best in handling the logistics like crowd control even though they don't have to.

Since September 2, K-ARMY (Korean BTS fans) have been organizing a team of volunteers who have experience in handling the free Busan concert from dealing with emergency responses and first aid to crowd control. They had even asked volunteers to prepare for the worst-case scenario as the first concert venue had a 100k audience capacity with only one gate. However, after much protest from Korean BTS fans, the city finally changed the venue to a 50k audience stadium.


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Fans get involved in BTS' free Busan concert logistics

In a bid to hold the World Expo 2030 in Busan, the city is planning a free BTS concert. However, the management has been poorly handled. The latest update claimed that the city was unwilling to sponsor the free concert which may go up to 7 billion won ($5 million). BTS' company HYBE is now looking for ways to fund the free concert as it doesn't seem that they can cancel it after Busan announced it with much hype. Well, with K-ARMY worrying about the fans attending the concert, international fans are touched.

'Always had BTS' back'

One fan said, "K-Armys have ALWAYS had BTS's back. Here they are organizing a massive team of volunteers with experience in handling large scale events like this concert including emergency response, crowd control, etc. I will NEVER accept K-Army slander on my tl." Another added, "karmys were already preparing/organizing volunteers with experience w large-scale projects, crowd control, fire-fighting, disaster prevention, etc to help with the concert at the previous location hopefully with the new location & armys helping, things will go smoothly!" One fan wrote, "It's always BTS & ARMY. The rest of the world is always trying to make things harder for us."


Another ARMY shared, "No bc why are karmys the one making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible and not getting front row seats to the concert but instead gov officials? Like if something goes wrong each one of them will simply not blame the Busan/Korean gov overall, but 875 and even karmy like." 

One fan tweeted, "karmy slander really needs to stop lol. you all don’t understand a lot of things ngl. especially when it comes to streaming and stuff in korea. also, as you must’ve noticed, a lot of their concerns about busan were very very legitimate." Another posted, "I love how this Fandom takes action proactively. Article is about KArmy rallying volunteers for the Busan Event, making segregation of duties of the volunteers based on age at this initial stage Proud to be a #BTSARMY !"


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