BTS on 'Bridgerton'? Vitamin String Quartet's season 3 hint has ARMY saying 'yes pls'

BTS on 'Bridgerton'? Vitamin String Quartet's season 3 hint has ARMY saying 'yes pls'
Will a BTS song be featured on 'Bridgerton' season 3? (@bts.bighitofficial, @bridgertonnetflix/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: 'Bridgerton' was the most watched Netflix show in 2020 and with good reason. From being applauded for its diversity and being helmed by the Shondaland team to its melodramatic storylines, everyone had heard of the Regency drama. The cherry on the top was the iconic popular songs being used in the most novel way as we got orchestra versions of them. Vitamin String Quartet's classical take on hit songs like Billie Eilish's 'bad guy', Taylor Swift's 'Wildest Dream' or the Bollywood song 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham' has created a special fandom for those who love 'Bridgerton's OSTs and now BTS may be added to it.

What better way to create a pop culture moment in history than to combine K-pop superstars BTS and Netflix's popular show 'Bridgerton'? With the show also being a favorite among idols as evident with BTS' Jungkook being a fan, ARMY (BTS' fandom) have often wondered what it would be like to have a BTS song as an OST in the Netflix show. And with Vitamin String Quartet already covering BTS otherwise, many had hoped that one of their renditions would make it to 'Bridgerton' and that just might happen in season 3.


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Vitamin String Quartet hints at BTS x 'Bridgerton' crossover

After the success of 'Bridgerton' season 2 which followed Anthony Bridgerton and his whirlwind romance with Kate Sharma, Netflix has decided to focus on the next Bridgerton brother in season 3. We will be getting Colin and Penelope's relationship as the latter tries to manage the 'Lady Whistledown' secret. With production already underway, and from a new cast to more intricate Regency outfits, it looks like the music for the new season is also being discussed as hinted by the Vitamin String Quartet.


On September 28, the Vitamin String Quartet tweeted, "Do we have any #Bridgerton and #BTS fans in the house? If you could hear one track from our upcoming #BTS album in S3, which one would it be?" ARMY were excited and took to sharing their recommendations. 'Black Swan' won the popularity poll as many felt the haunting melody and R&B sounds would make it the perfect OST for 'Bridgerton'. The music group, also known for their classical renditions of pop and rock songs, have released their BTS cover album with their take on the K-pop group's popular songs like 'Black Swan', 'ON' and 'Idol'.

'I can't wait'

Excited fans made tweets like, "OMG YESS, the bts-music-on-bridgerton agenda is thriving !!! please make it happen." Another fan posted, "I CANT WAIT I CANT WAIT BTS music in Bridgerton Season 3! BTS’s music is so beautiful especially in classical covers due to a lot of the tannies work having classical music influence." One ARMY made a reaction meme, "A BTS TRACK ON BRIDGERTON." Another fan added, "PLEASE BTS IN BRIDGERTON!!! YES PLS."





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