BTS 'Run BTS': Release date, where to watch, and all about the new season of boy group's variety show

BTS 'Run BTS': Release date, where to watch, and all about the new season of boy group's variety show
The show 'Run BTS' is back after a 10-month hiatus with a new season this August, featuring all seven BTS members (

When BTS members announced that they would be taking a 'short' break as a group to focus on their solo music projects, fans did not anticipate a two-month short break for the group. On June 15, BTS broke the internet by announcing their hiatus but that sorrow was short-lived as on August 1 it was announced that BTS will be coming back with their highly-loved variety show, 'Run BTS'. The show first started in 2015 and has aired more than 150 episodes over the last seven years.

Specializing in member betrayals for petty gifts like food coupons or rice cookers, the show 'Run BTS' has amassed a large fanbase for itself as they see BTS members lose their idol image as they compete with each other to entertain fans. The episodes always have fans laughing so much that they have started calling the series 'free therapy. Now as Big Hit Music and BTS members have announced the return of 'Run BTS' after 10 long months, fans have lost their calm.


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BTS announce return of variety show 'Run BTS', fans say 'my free therapy is back'

BTS members go back in time for a new Run BTS episode. (BTS Weverse)
BTS members go back in time for episode 145 of 'Run BTS' (BTS Weverse)

Release date and time

The new episodes of 'Run BTS' from its latest season will start airing on a weekly basis starting from Tuesday, August 16 at 9 pm KST (8 am ET). The episodes will be uploaded on YouTube belatedly at 11 pm KST (10 am ET) for global fans to watch.


Over the course of its three seasons, BTS has aired 155 episodes of their long-running variety show. The first season of 'Run BTS' had 10 episodes while Season 2 had 46 episodes. The third season of the show was aired in three parts from 2019 to 2021 with 33 episodes in a year, a total of 99 episodes. It has not been revealed how many episodes the new season of 'Run BTS' will have but fans can anticipate somewhere between 10 to 30+ new episodes of the variety program. 


How to watch online

The show is aired on BTS' official fancafe platforms like Weverse and VLive officially for fans to watch at the same time all over the world. The episodes are belatedly uploaded on YouTube for fans who cannot access the two platforms. 'Run BTS' episodes are uploaded by Big Hit Music with subtitles in the preferred language for fans. Find older episodes of 'Run BTS' on Weverse here and VLive here



'Run BTS' (Run BTS! also known as Dallyeora Bangtan! or DalBang!) is a variety web series by the boy group BTS, broadcasting weekly and is offered for free viewing on V Live (from episode 86 onwards) as well as on their fan cafe - Weverse (episode 1 onwards). The series features the members of BTS in teams or individuals or duos as they compete in different games or activities.

Before 'Run BTS' first aired, the members of BTS aired short episodes of the boys playing indoor games in their dance practice room. The variety show, 'Run BTS' first aired on August 1, back in 2015, and was the first-ever outdoor reality show from the boy group. The show has been popular amongst fans where the seven boys are often seen playing games that involve the members betraying each other only for them to win relatively inexpensive prizes like a rice cooker or meal coupons.  



The label Big Hit Music took to BTS' social media to release the teaser for the upcoming season of 'Run BTS' where BTS members gathered together to announce that the fan-loved show was going to make a comeback after 10 long months. The members joked about how their new single, 'Run BTS' from their anthology album, 'Proof' would best fit for the opening theme of this new season as per the request of ARMYs. Watch the teaser featuring BTS members inviting fans to watch their variety show here.


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