Will BTS enlist? Fans furious after National Defense announces a 'special' exemption

Will BTS enlist? Fans furious after National Defense announces a 'special' exemption
BTS members will start enlisting in the military by December of 2022 with 'special exemptions' that allow them to participate in group activities overseas (Big Hit Music, News 1 Korea)

The South Korean government must be taking the dedication of BTS members as well as the support fans are showering over the boys for granted. BTS made its debut in 2013 and over the years, slowly and gradually made its rise to the top, finally becoming the biggest boy group in the world. With BTS' popularity amongst the current generation, fans from all over the world had been discussing the ongoing debater around the boy group's military enlistment.

Since Jin is the oldest member of BTS, the singer will have to enlist in the military when he turns 30 years old, which is in December 2022. Given the fact that BTS had been working non-stop for the last nine years, fans were of the opinion that the boy group should be given a special exemption from military service like athletes because of their contribution to the Korean economy. On the other hand, some fans argued that K-pop's rise should not only be credited to BTS, pointing out that many other artists have enlisted in the military and so should BTS.


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BTS members to start military enlistment by December 2022

It seems like the National Defense ministry of South Korea has finally resolved that debate when it was announced that BTS members will have to complete their mandatory military enlistment just like any other Korean-born male citizen. However, there is a twist to the announcement when it was revealed that BTS members will be getting a special exemption. In a report from eKorea Economy on August 1, it was revealed that the National Defence ministry had finally arrived at a decision about BTS' mandatory military enlistment. The ministry stated that BTS members will be granted "special military service" where the ruling party insisted that in the interest of the nation, it was necessary to consider BTS' exemption from military service.

However the South Korean Ministry of National Defense suggested an alternative method of supporting BTS' contribution to the entertainment industry during their enlistment period. The ministry stated that BTS members will be allowed to perform overseas in the event of an international victory, for example, in the event BTS wins a Grammy award. This means that if BTS wins an international award of significance, the member/s of BTS who will be enlisted at that time will be allowed to make an international trip and join the other members for performance as well as complimentary schedules for the award.

They added that ranking No 1 on Billboard charts does not include this exemption. The defense ministry said, "BTS helped expand the nation's wealth to 1.7 trillion won and 56 trillion won over 10 years by winning one Billboard. Tourists are coming into the country because of that." The ministry finally concluded, "We are looking for a way to solve the problem without disturbing the principles such as fairness and equity and reduction of military service resources. So there must be a way to make them perform together. This could be further contributing to BTS' popularity because many people highly value military service."


'It's a pity if they have to do both'

Despite a silver lining to their dark clouds, fans are extremely unhappy with the decision for BTS' military exemption. Fans state that serving the nation in the military is a taxing job in the first place. If BTS members were to add the responsibility of being an idol and practicing for performances at the same time, it would only further drain them out. One fan said, "I dont know but I guess the general public, army, and bts themselves gain no benefit from this one. it's just the govt doesn't want to lose their income but still wants to uphold the military rule. I mean, it's a pity if they have to do both. They might be super tired."

One fan said, "BTS not product , They are human , Respect them." Another fan said, "Let them rest now Since you are not giving them anything in return. Just leave our boys alone." One fan said, "Wtf is this logic so they have to enlist and prepare for their performance side by side???? And then they say BTS don't contribute enough to their nation???"






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