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Was Jin moaning on Livestream? Fans share chaotic reactions to the BTS member's three-hour Weverse stream

While in the USA for his overseas schedule, BTS' Jin hosts a long Weverse stream where he plays video games that ensues chaotic reactions from fans
Jin trends on Twitter for his 3-hour and 27-minute long live that has caused chaos in the BTS fandom (@jin/Instagram; Weverse/BTS)
Jin trends on Twitter for his 3-hour and 27-minute long live that has caused chaos in the BTS fandom (@jin/Instagram; Weverse/BTS)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Back in the early days of BTS, veteran ARMYS (fans of BTS) will remember how Jin often hosted live streams where he ate meals and spoke to fans for long hours. These 'Eat Jin' sessions sadly came to an end after 2019 when Jin and the rest of BTS got busier. Following that, Jin was seen hosting VLives on his birthdays and along with other BTS members in units or for a while. However, fans really missed one-on-one sessions with the singer and it looks like Jin missed it too.

On September 12, the day of BTS leader, RM's (Kim Namjoon) birthday, Jin hosted a special solo live stream from LA, California. Jin traveled to the states on September 11 for a photo shoot with Elle Magazine and his rumored solo album that fans are sure he is working on. As Jin is all by himself in the USA, he was probably very bored and that worked in favor of fans because they got a three-hour-long chaotic live stream that has the best reactions from fans.


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Jin hosts the longest Livestream in BTS' history

The oldest BTS member started the Weverse Livestream by initially wishing RM a happy birthday and, in his words, since he had nothing else to do, Jin played games as millions of fans watched him live. In the live stream, Jin hosted a 3-hour and 27-minute live stream playing the game, 'Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy'. Everything was going smoothly in the beginning but as the live stream progressed, Jin's vocals started getting louder and louder and his frustration got to him that he soon began sighing frustratedly on stream.



Fans who were watching the stream started joking about how they had to reduce the volume due to Jin's loud screams whereas others joked how the sighs and moans from Jin sounded extremely NSFW to anyone who was not able to see Jin and only hear the audio of the stream. One fan said, "The person....the comments there is no one like Kim Seokjin. I'm watching the clips and I'm scared of taking my finger off the volume button." Another fan said, "Wtf k unmuted so fast tweeting it and lowering the volume." One more fan said, "HELPPP ?!?!?$€! MY MOM."




'A day that will go down in ARMY history'

Fans are sharing their most chaotic reactions to Jin's live stream as one fan said, "I usually like to study while watching streams but i don’t recommend listening to jin playing." Another fan said, "I’m sorry i’m crying and laughing at the same time." Another fan said, "Don’t tell me i missed jin’s live and it lasted for 3h+." One fan said, "I missed Jin's live..and my tl is full of his was a 3 hrs long live. No my life doesn't go on." Another fan said, "These trends sound like we’re calling him out because of his moan “seokjin.. jinnie… JIN PLEASE."

One more fan said, "Namjoon waking up seeing all the tweets about the grunts and moans that came from jin’s live that’s dedicated for him.. the target audience is kim namjoon." One fan said, "A day that will go down in ARMY history as the day we sat around for 3 hours watching jin scream and moan over the struggles of a jar man." Another fan said, "Jin going through it with the game and ARMY is going through it with all his moans." One more fan said, "My sister and i watching jin moan while my volume is on full."













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