Will BTS enlist together in 2023? New reports raise speculation, fans rush to brush off rumors

Will BTS enlist together in 2023? New reports raise speculation, fans rush to brush off rumors
Fans keep their faith in BTS members as they wait to confirm rumors about the boy group enlisting in the military together as 7 (BTS/Weverse)

It seems like BTS members are jumping from one bridge to another and fans are getting tired of more and more speculation from Knetz (Korean fans). Over the last few years, BTS members have been hustling non-stop for the betterment of the group but it seems like they are finally satisfied with the current success of the boy group. The members announced at their 9th Anniversary Special fan event that BTS members will be taking a break from their music-related activities as a boy group and will focus on their solo careers.

Jungkook went live on VLive and clarified that even though the news was true, it was not that BTS is disbanding. He and more BTS members also revealed that the group plans to continue their variety shows and will put their artistic minds into releasing the songs that resonate with their individuality. But despite all this distraction, fans are not able to let go of the looming clock that hangs over the heads of BTS members reminding fans of their idols military enlistments.


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Knetz speculate BTS' tentative solo debuts and enlistments

With BTS Jin, the oldest member turning 30 this December, it is imminent that the 'makhyung' of BTS enlist by the fourth quarter of 2022. However, the Korean media might suggest, that the members of BTS have always stated that they actually wish to serve their country and fulfill their duties toward it by enlisting when it is time for them to go. Over the last few months, there has been a constant discussion among Korean fans of the boy group as well as the general Korean public on whether or not BTS should enlist while the National Defense Ministry of Korea considers an exemption for the boy group, all thanks to their contribution to the Korean Economy.

Fans of BTS from all over the world had initially stated that having BTS members enlist together would be ideal for the group but now it seems like the decision only rests upon the Korean Defense ministry. While the decision is impending, it looks like Knetz is making up their own schedules and plans for BTS. After a rumored stock report was released online, Korean netizens speculated about the possible solo debut dates for BTS and calculated what the boy group's future lineup would look like in the event of their concurrent enlistment.

Fans of BTS call out Knetz who are making up rumors about BTS' enlistment (Big Hit Music)

Will all BTS members enlist in 2023?

According to the report, Knetz claim that Jin will be enlisting in the fourth quarter of 2022 and stay in the military for the next 18 months with his return being in the first quarter of 2024 and his solo debut could be in the third quarter of 2024. He will be followed by Suga, who is only two months younger than Jin. With Suga tentatively enlisting in the first quarter of 2023, his discharge would be possible in the second quarter of 2024. Since there still are two more quarters to 2022, it is possible for Suga to make his solo debut in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Knetz discuss a tentative enlistment scenario for BTS (Nate Pann)

J-Hope, the third oldest member of BTS could possibly enlist in the second quarter of 2023 alongside the leader and fellow 94-liner, RM (Kim Namjoon) same year. Both J-Hope and RM could be discharged in the third quarter of 2024. Since J-Hope has already announced his solo debut in July of 2022, RM's solo debut could follow Suga's in the first quarter of 2023, right ahead of his enlistment. With this, the four hyungs of BTS would all be in the military in 2023. Jimin who is an October 95-liner could enlist in alongside J-Hope and RM to be discharged around the same time but make his solo debut sooner and as early as the fourth quarter this year since he has not had as many solo projects as the rest of BTS.

Whereas for maknaes V (Kim Taehyung) and Jungkook, they typically have 4/5 more years to enlist, but following the speculated pattern, V could make his solo debut in the second quarter of 2023 and enlist in the third quarter of the same year whereas Jungkook could make a solo debut in the third quarter of 2023 and enlist in the final quarter of 2023. With this pattern, all seven BTS members could be enlisted in the year 2023 and wait for V's return in the fourth quarter of 2024 and finally Jungkook's return in the first quarter of 2025. This report also alleges that BTS can possibly make a group comeback as late as the second quarter of 2025.

BTS has successfully made a comeback with 'Proof' and now, members aim to focus on their solo careers (ibighit.com/BTS)

'Leave them alone'

Fans of BTS are weighing in on the situation as one fan said, "Gosh when will yall stop obsessing over group activities. the members said they want to promote on their own they want peace they want individuality. did yall really watch that video." One fan said, "Just watch and listen to what the BTS members are saying." Another fan said, "Don’t interfere in other people’s lives and live your own life well." One fan said, "Gosh, how jobless are they? At this point let's just trust BTS!" One more fan said, "This insider info is not correct. jin will enlist first. and after those who have done with their solo promotion enlist one after another, they will only take 3/4 years max to reunite.

One more fan said, "Tbh if Hybe is smart enough they would enlist them in 2 groups. And be done with th3 enlistment real quick." Another fan said, "Last night i even can't sleep thinking what if they enlist 1by1.. How to survive till 2030. I'm so glad if they go together so they can return together." One fan pointed out, "Its tiring leave them to announce it themselves." One more fan said, "This is clearly incorrect and doesn’t match what came from their own mouths about album order. ignore this nonsense."











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