BTS fans dubbed 'bullies' by journalist Carolyn Hinds, ARMYs turn tables by trending #BulliedByArmys

BTS fans dubbed 'bullies' by journalist Carolyn Hinds, ARMYs turn tables by trending #BulliedByArmys
BTS ARMY take over the hashtag that was started to troll the fandom by trending #BulliedByArmys on Twitter (Big Hit Music; Twitter)

BTS and their fans have made a whole new world for themselves and it seems like ARMYs (fans of BTS) now are not entertaining any negative comments about the boys or themselves as the group's fandom. Twitter fan wars have now become an everyday thing, which is why most fans usually discredit the hate comments online and enjoy the safe space by following and interacting with fans of the same K-pop groups. Ever since BTS shot to fame globally, the boy group has amassed a lot more fans than before. With more fans came more trolls who bullied the boys. This led to ARMYs being extremely protective of the boy group.

ARMYs often ganged up on trolls online and called out their actions to make them back off. This 'trait' became one of BTS fans' most notorious qualities as the fandom was known for protecting the members with everything they had. In the past, there have been instances where ARMY’s demands for apologies were taken seriously by those who had trolled BTS members but when it comes to ARMYs themselves, the fandom has a different approach to handling the hate they receive.


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What is #BulliedByArmys on Twitter?

ARMYs have been under the radar of many fandoms oftentimes because they do not hold back when it comes to flaunting BTS’ achievements. One such incident took place on May 30 when a well-known journalist, Carolyn Hinds took to Twitter to call out the BTS fandom on how they bullied the journalist. Hinds asked people to talk about how ARMYs had bullied them in the past so that a record of the fandom's wrongful actions could be recorded. It seems like ARMYs weren’t having it because as soon as the hashtag #BulliedByArmys started floating around, fans themselves started tweeting using it.

The journalist said, “Lemme add this hashtag #BulliedByARMYs, right here. Anyone who'd like to share how they've been harassed and harmed by the fandom, are welcome to use it. Something needs to be done, and they and the group need to be called out and held accountable for what's been happening.” This was after fans called Hinds out for defaming the boy group after the journalist stated that BTS members were 'undeserving' of the visit to the White House as they condoned toxic behavior from their fandom. In contrast to what Hinds had in mind, ARMYs started taking ownership of the hashtag and mentioned the most outrageous incidents under the guise of “exposing” BTS fans only for them to joke about ARMYs calling themselves ‘Lilac Lieutenants’ or ‘Lilac Cadets’ as a joke.


This reaction from ARMYs comes after having learned the hard way that they need to pick their battles and aim to keep their focus on BTS who is soon going to make a comeback with their anthology album, ‘Proof’. In the past, fans of other K-pop groups called out the group for their international success but ARMYs took ownership of the trolling by coming up with the hashtag  #AndNothingForKpop stating how the boy group has been breaking every record in history leaving nothing for other K-pop idols.


‘How it started vs how it’s going’

Here are some of the funniest responses by fans to the #BulliedByARMYs hashtag on Twitter. One fan joked, “Please don't get me wrong. ily all but please respect other ppl. today a group of girls approached me when I was with my family and asked “are you tae’s wife?” that's a complete invasion of privacy. yes, I AM but please respect it. I want some space. thank you." Another fan said, "Twt armys let’s not forget our real enemy weverse armys who bullied us off that app." One more fan joked, "Imagine bts wakes up and sees hashtag #BulliedByArmys and namjoon starts getting ready to defend the shit outta us until he sees the this and just sighs in disappointment."

One fan said, "When i miss a live they flood my mentions with this video #BulliedByArmys." One fan said, "I experienced my own bullying by the lilac lieutenants this afternoon when they denied mine and yoongi’s relationship." Another fan said, "There are no bigger bullies than @I_Am_Spring_Day and @i_am_bts_ddaeng the way they bully each other oh lord." One more fan said, "Min yoongi is the main victim of this lilac cadets, they literally bully him every single time by saying‘YOONGI MARRY ME’ even though he is married and living happily with his six husbuns." One fan said, "I will NEVER forget that time ARMY bullied BB. It went on for weeks!!!"
















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