BTS' Jimin tops brand reputation rankings for 32nd consecutive month, fans call him 'unmatched'

BTS' Jimin takes the first spot for the 32nd month in a row for August's brand reputation rankings

                            BTS' Jimin tops brand reputation rankings for 32nd consecutive month, fans call him 'unmatched'
BTS' Jimin comes first on Korean Brand Reputation Rankings for members of K-Pop boy groups for 32nd consecutive month (@weverseofficial, @eunwo.o_c, @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)

Every month the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute reveals the current month's brand reputation rankings for individual boy group members. BTS members have been dominating the rankings for quite some time now with Jimin of BTS in the lead and so has Astro's lead vocal and visual, Cha Eunwoo. The rankings are determined through an analysis of the coverage of a wide range of aspects like consumer participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness indices of all the boy groups from out of 632 groups.

For the month of August 2021, the data collected from July 21 to August 21 was used for this ranking research, and BTS' Jimin took first place amongst all the boy group members. This is the 32nd consecutive month for which Jimin has been on the number 1 spot with other members of BTS competing for the second place or Astro's Cha Eunwoo who has most often been his close second. This month too, Cha Eunwoo ranked 2nd while BTS' oldest member and main visual Jin ranked 3rd.


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Jimin becomes ARMY's 'It boy'

According to the reports from this week, the top boy group for Korean Business Research Institute's 'Boy Group' is BTS while for the 'Girl Group' it is Blackpink. It is reported that Jimin topped the list from a keyword analysis that included phrases like “fandom,” “ARMY,” and “song,” while his highest-ranking related terms included “mysterious,” “surpass,” and “donate.” It was also revealed that Jimin’s positivity-negativity analysis was 83.71% while his brand reputation increased by 4.91% in comparison to July of 2021. Astro's Eunwoo on the other hand came second with an increased brand reputation of 1.12% in comparison to last month. Jin from BTS came third who jumped from July's sixth after a 27.13% increase in his brand reputation.

The rest of the members of BTS followed closely accompanied by members from other boy groups. BTS' V came fourth while Jungkook of BTS came fifth. They were followed by BTS' Suga in the sixth place, BTS's RM in the seventh place, Big Bang's G Dragon in the eighth place, Super Junior's Heechul in the ninth place, and 2PM's Junho in the tenth place. The only BTS member who missed a spot in the Top 10 was J-Hope who took the eleventh spot in this month's brand ranking.


'Our Jimin took first place'

Fans were overwhelmed by the news of Jimin ranking number 1 for the 32nd consecutive month and trended the hashtags, '#우리지민또1위했네' and '#JIMIN32개월연속브평1위" which translates to 'Our Jimin took 1st place' and 'Jimin came 1st for 32 consecutive months as they tweeted saying, "Park jimin once again ranked #1 in the brand reputation rankings (individual bg members) for august 2021! extending his own record for 32 consecutive months and 34 times overall! congratulations jimin." and other fans said, "Congratulations to our it boy Jimin."

Another fan said, "Congratulations to korea's it boy! his power is unmatched, an artist that comes once a lifetime! i'm so proud of the artist, performer & singer he has become touching to many souls with his voice and dancing!" while another congratulated both Jin and Jimin saying, "Jinmin are kings." and another fan said, "Thinking about how every month South Korea trends “Our Jimin Won #1 again” to celebrate Jimin topping the monthly brand reputation ranking and be filled with so much joy about how loved & adored jimin is in his home county."






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