Brand of the Year Awards: Astro's Eunwoo wins 'Acting Idol of the Year Award', fans go crazy

Fans congratulated and trended Eunwoo on Twitter as the K-pop idol and actor wins 'Acting Idol of the Year Award'

                            Brand of the Year Awards: Astro's Eunwoo wins 'Acting Idol of the Year Award', fans go crazy
Eunwoo wins 'Acting Idol of the Year Award' (@eunwo.o_c/Instagram)

Brand of the Year Awards is a mid-year award ceremony hosted by the Korean Consumer Brand Committee and is managed by Korean Consumer Forum. The criteria for the awards range from the brand reputation of famous personalities and brands to surveys that consider consumer preferences of different brands. The entertainment category is the most-awaited category since famous K-pop idols and actors are nominated.

The cause for nomination as well as the aftermath of winning adds to these personalities getting sponsorships and modeling gigs. They affect the sales of the products including social media engagement and views on the commercials which help brands gauge what the consumer wants. And Astro’s Eunwoo is making waves for winning the 'Acting Idol of the Year Award'.


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Eunwoo wins ‘Acting Idol of the Year Award’

On August 19, Korean Consumer Forum announced the winners of the 2021 Brand of the Year Awards. Eunwoo who is a K-pop idol and an actor won the ‘Acting Idol of the Year Award’ along with WJSN’s Bona. More than 610K consumers voted for Eunwoo which proves his rising popularity in South Korea. He is one of the many K-pop idols that tried their hand in acting and has made a name with popular K-dramas like ‘True Beauty’ and ‘Rookie Historian’.


The all-rounder is also a part of the third-gen group Astro that just came back with their summer album ‘Switch On’. Eunwoo and his group are reaching new heights of fame as they won their first music show win on national television and topped several charts like Gaon and iTunes. ‘Switch On’ was also the best-selling album the week it was released.


Additionally, as of today, Eunwoo has 22.6M Instagram followers making him the second most-followed Korean actor on the platform. August 19 seems to be a good day for him as his last show, ‘True Beauty' is also the #1 K-drama in Taiwan. It was also revealed that his 2018 hit K-drama ‘My ID Is Gangnam Beauty’ is now being re-aired in Japan. Eunwoo took to the Universe app to share selfies to commemorate the Brand of the Year win with his fans.


Here is the list of some of the other winners in the entertainment category like best group and best actor:

Best K-Pop Group - BTS (male), Brave Girls (female)
Best Rookie Idol Group - TREASURE (male), aespa (female)
Best Solo Artist - Kang Daniel (male), IU (female)
Best Vocal - Lee Suk-hoon (male), Heize (female)
Best Band - DAY6
Best Variety Idol - SHINee's Key (male), Lovelyz's Mijoo (female)
Best Vocal Group - SG Wannabe
Rising Star K-Pop Idol - TXT (male), Weeekly (female)
Hot Trending Idol - ONF (male), fromis_9 (Female)
Best Acting Idol - ASTRO's Eunwoo (male), WJSN’s Bona (female)
Hot Icon - Brave Girls
Best Drama - Vincenzo
Best Actor/Actress - Song Joong-ki, Youn Yeo-jung
Best Rising Actor/Actress - Lee Do-hyun, Girl's Day's Hyeri
Rookie Actor/Actress - Kim Young-dae, Han Ji-hyun
Best CF Model - Lim Young-woong (male), IU (female)

'Man of the year'

Fans trended Eunwoo on Twitter as they congratulated him on the win with tweets like, “SK is so proud of you CHAEUNWOO. “Man of the Year” . The people have spoken,” “CONGRATULATIONS OUR CHA EUNWOO FOR BEING THE 2021 ACTING IDOL OF THE YEAR AWARDEE DESERVE,” and “Congratulations to Eun Woo for being awarded ACTING IDOL OF THE YEAR! Much deserved as we've seen how much he's grown as an actor over the years. Looking forward to more of actor.” Another fan added, “Congratulations actor Cha #차은우 for “Acting Idol of The Year” at 2021 Brand of The Year Awards! Proud of you, see you on your next project!”





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