BTS get diplomatic passports, to join South Korean prez as special envoys at UNGA

BTS is set to make an appearance at the 76th UNGA as they are gearing up to leave South Korea for the first time in two years

                            BTS get diplomatic passports, to join South Korean prez as special envoys at UNGA
Members of BTS receive Diplomatic Passports from the president of South Korea, President Moon Jaein (@bts_bighit/Twitter)

ARMY had started calling BTS 'South Korea’s Pride” and they have more than enough reason to do so now. With the members of BTS being invited to the United Nations General Assembly, the first music act from South Korea to attend and speak in 2018 following the message of ‘self-love’ with their campaign ‘Love Myself’, which they shared with their enormous fandom.

With the same message, as the world struggled with the global crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic, BTS spoke about their struggles and mental state during the pandemic that resembled the struggles of many people in the world as they gave listeners hope for a better tomorrow at a special high-level meeting of the UN Health and Security Agency Group.


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Members of BTS take pictures with President Moon Jaein after receiving their Cultural Special Envoy certificates (Republic of Korea Blue House/YouTube)

BTS to address

Following the lines of a similar idea as that of their speech at the 73rd UNGA, BTS is set to make an appearance at the 76th General Assembly for the United Nations for the second time in person as they are gearing up to leave the country for the first time in two years. This time around, BTS members urged the Youth of the World to speak about their struggles which then will be addressed with a message of “Hope” when BTS will make their third speech at the UNGA with a message of hope.

To encourage their fans to share stories of what the past two years meant to them, Members of BTS also shared their own stories with fans on their official Twitter account. The post read, "Dear young people, What were the past 2 yrs like for you, and what's your world like today? Express the precious things that make up your world or show who you are now with an image, an emoji or a word. At the UN, your stories will begin. Sincerely, BTS."

BTS members ask fans to share their stories which will be addressed in their speech at the 76th UNGA (@bts_bighit/Twitter)

BTS to accompany the President of South Korea

Since 2019, BTS has seen remarkable responses for their Love Myself campaign but all that was put to shame because of the pandemic. With a renewed will and a hope for a better future, the members of BTS are all set to attend the United Nations General Assembly joined by the president of their country. It was reported that BTS was announced as the official envoys of South Korea back in July of 2021 and reports then suggested that that the boy band would be accompanied by the President of South Korea, President Moon Jae in planned to visit the USA.

On September 13, The Blue House, which is the executive office and official residence of the South Korean president, said on its official website that, “President Moon Jaein plans to visit New York and Honolulu, USA for 5 days and 3 nights from September 19 to September 23 to attend the 76th General Assembly of the United Nations as well as the ceremony to take over the remains of the Republic of Korea and the United States.”

Members of BTS will hear the stories for their 76th United Nations General Assembly Speech (@bts_bighit/Twitter)

BTS Special Envoy Certificates and Diplomat passports

BTS become the first set of citizens under the age of 30 years to be given a diplomatic passport to enable their visit to the US amidst the global pandemic. Since this visit pertains to national significance, members of BTS have been issued Diplomatic Passports. The passports are issued to diplomats and nationals who work for the government and serve them under diplomatic terms. These passports guarantee special treatment in other countries.

During the ceremony in which BTS received their Diplomat Passports, they also received Special Envoy Certificates from the President who greeting them with the certificate and a bumped fists with each of the seven boys.


BTS at the 76th UNGA

At the 76th UNGA, BTS will deliver a speech on the Sustainable Development Goals of the President Moon Jaein led South Korean government as special envoys to President Moon Jaein at the opening session of the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Movement presided over by the UN Secretary-General on September 20. It is reported that along with their speech, BTS will also present a performance video via VCR.

The members of BTS as well as the accompanying staff have already been vaccinated against Covid-19. On September 14, Big Hit Music, the management company, announced to Newsen in a statement asserting the fact as they said, “We have been vaccinated in relation to special activities and overseas schedules.” The Blue House said, “As BTS has delivered messages of comfort and hope to the world in the past, attending this year’s General Assembly is expected to expand communication with future generations around the world and elicit sympathy from future generations on major international issues.”