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James Corden mocks BTS speech at UN, ARMY says 'Jimmy Fallon is our new Papa Mochi'

Fans are super-disappointed with James Corden for calling them ‘15-year-old girls’ who express their rage on Twitter
Fans of BTS are calling out James Corden for making an unfunny joke on ARMYs, replacing him with Jimmy Fallon (@jimmyfallon, @j_corden/Instagram)
Fans of BTS are calling out James Corden for making an unfunny joke on ARMYs, replacing him with Jimmy Fallon (@jimmyfallon, @j_corden/Instagram)

BTS have received their share of mockery in the music industry since their debut, but they overcame it all and made a name for themselves not just in Korea but across the workld.

BTS became a global sensation with hit releases like 'DNA' and soon became one of the most sought-after groups on international talk shows. BTS appeared on various episodes of ‘The Ellen Show’, ‘The Jimmy Fallon Show’, ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ as well as ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ among many others. With their appearances on each of these shows, BTS not only made a name for themselves on the global level but fans of BTS started rushing to these talk shows thus increasing their numbers in terms of viewership as well as likes.


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James Corden didn’t pass ARMYs vibe check

Fans also noticed that some TV hosts and shows did not give BTS the respect they deserved and decided to never engage with those shows again. Hosts like Jimmy Fallon and James Corden were different, or so ARMYs believed. From the offset, by the way these two talk show hosts interacted with BTS, ARMYs were led to believe that Corden was genuinely a fan of BTS. With the release of James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke with BTS’, James adopted the name "Papa Mochi" for himself - a way of him getting in on an inside joke in the fandom.

All was going well until the night of September 21, when James spoke about BTS on one of his segments on the show. Considering the segment was a joke, some of James’ comments were not taken lightly by fans because they sounded disrespectful. James called BTS’ appearance at the UNGA "unusual" which could be taken as a compliment because they are a young music act from South Korea that was invited to speak in front of world leaders. What did not sit well with most ARMYs was James calling them ‘15-year-olds’ who express their rage on Twitter, despite talking about the dedication of ARMYs who raised $1 million within 24 hours in order to donate for ‘Black Lives Matter.’


‘Jimmy Fallon our new Papa Mochi’

James, who is aware of the power of the BTS fandom, should not have made the joke which has now certainly enraged ARMYs. Disappointed fans are now resorting to Jimmy Fallon for comfort as he has never really given ARMY a reason to complain. Fans have taken the title of Papa Mochi away from James and are asking Jimmy Fallon to take it up.

One fan said, “So Jimmy Fallon is our new papa mochi not james corden.” One more fan said, “I mean i love how jimmy fallon is not loud as fan of bts unlike james corden a loud fan of bts but also a clout chaser.” One fan called James out and said, “I JUST HOPE THAT JIMMY FALLON WILL NEVER BE LIKE THE ELLEN SHOW AND JAMES CORDEN. BTS TRUSTED THEM SO MUCH BUT THEY ALL GOT IS ANOTHER CLOUT CHASER... SO JIMMY FALLON IS OUR NEW PAPA MOCHI And You @JKCorden Remove Papa Mochi from your bio.”

One fan stated, “Sorry James corden you are not papa mochi anymore Jimmy Fallon deserve it more than you.” One fan noted, “Now that we're talking about James Corden I'd like to say that isn't it weird that bts used to usually, always perform at his show but didn't for butter and ptd suddenly while they did perform in Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert's shows.”

One ARMY awarded Jimmy the title saying, “Jimmy Fallon is the real PAPA MOCHI @jimmyfallon. bye James corden agree with me?” One fan said, “The fact that Jimmy Fallon genuinely respects BTS and he isn't a clout chaser makes my heart warm, unlike James Corden who used them.”

An angry fan lashed out saying, “Jimmy fallon is actually very fond of bts i hope he doesn't end up like james f**king corden papa mochi my a**.” One fan rightly pointed, “Some armys saying we're replacing james corden with jimmy fallon. NO. we're done with the western industry using us for clout. they recognize the power we hold and don't dare cross the boys because of it. be reminded that at the end of the day, IT'S BTS AND ARMY VS EVERYONE ELSE.” Another fan said, “Okeyyyy now Jimmy Fallon is our papa mochi . James Corden is on the black list . Have fun mannnnn.”

One fan joked how Jimmy is now going to be careful about what he says, “Jimmy fallon and his writing team after seeing how armys now hate james corden.” One fan pointed how Connan O’Brien politely joked about BTS, “People are saying jimmy fallon is replacing james corden for best talk show host interaction with bts when conan o'brian is right there.” Another said, “So jimmy fallon is our papa mochi not JAMES CORDEN. I'm super disappointed to james corde…”