'My Universe': BTS, Coldplay fans shocked collab track pre-orders sold out in minutes

BTS will be the first-ever K-pop group to make music with Coldplay with their new collaborative single releasing on September 24

                            'My Universe': BTS, Coldplay fans shocked collab track pre-orders sold out in minutes
The British rock band to release a collaborative single with the K-pop group BTS (@coldplay/Twitter)

After teasing multiple collab rumors since the beginning of 2021, fans of BTS and Coldplay will finally see two of the biggest boy bands in the world collaborate on new music together for the first time in history. BTS is the biggest K-pop act on the planet at the moment and one of the biggest global music groups throughout the world. With ‘Dynamite’, ‘Butter’, and ‘Permission to Dance’, their latest English singles breaking all records with respect to sales, views, charts, and awards, there is no stopping for BTS anytime soon.

Coldplay, a rock band consisting of five members, formed in London in 1998, had gained worldwide popularity with their songs like ‘Hymn for the Weekend’, ‘Paradise’, ‘Yellow’, ‘Fix You’, and more. The band is also dubbed the most successful band of the 2000s. Coldplay has won various award shows such as the Grammy Awards and the Brit Awards. Their first concert in South Korea was held in 2017 with a total audience of 90,000 fans.


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BTS and Coldplay

Fans of both the groups have been very honest about their wish to see the two bands perform together. With collaboration rumors doing the rounds from as early as May of 2021, when Coldplay’s leading man Chris Martin avoided questions directed to rumors of a collab with BTS. Not long after fans started suspecting something was in the works. After several spoiler snippets from the song were released by Coldplay themselves, fans of BTS and Coldplay already knew that a collab was coming very soon.

On September 9, BTS appeared on a video for YouTube ‘Released’ where they spoke about the ‘Permission to Dance; Challenge that had taken over YouTube Shorts, what followed after was something fans had been dreaming about. The episode of ‘Released’ on YouTube featured Chris Martin who was chosen to interview BTS for YouTube. Fans found the whole interaction wholesome and heartwarming as it is a well-known fact how much BTS’ oldest member, Jin loves Coldplay. The interaction between BTS and Chris was so pure that fans hoped this was not the end of the collaboration in the works and there was more new music from the two.

Chris interviews BTS (Bangtantv/YouTube)

Coldplay’s ‘My Universe’ features BTS

On September 13, hours after BTS became the most awarded group on the 2021 MTV VMAs despite losing in four well-deserved categories, Coldplay made the official announcement that calmed many raging ARMYs down. Coldplay tweeted the title of their new single featuring BTS, release date, and the pre-order or pre-save link to the song will be a historic encounter between the British rock band Coldplay and K-pop sensation, BTS.

Warner Music Korea announced the release of the song while both the boy bands formalized the collaboration by retweeting each other’s tweets. Not only that, BTS shared a preview clip on their official Tiktok account to show fans the interaction the two groups shared.


Coldplay’s ‘My Universe’ featuring BTS contains both English and Korean lyrics, was written and composed by BTS and Coldplay, and produced by Max Martin, who is considered to be the top hit producer in the pop music industry. In addition, the song to be released this time will be included in Coldplay's ninth regular album ‘Music Of The Spheres’, which will be released on October 15. The song that Coldplay will release with BTS is set to release on September 24 on all leading music platforms.


Best collab of the century

Fans who had been eagerly waiting for the collab reacted to the news saying this will be, "BEST COLLAB OF THE CENTURY IS COMING. COLDTAN IS COMING." Fans who pre-ordered the song said, "Wait... For every cd, cassette and vinyl purchased on Coldplay store, they will plant and sustain ONE tree. THAT'S SO GREAT."

Fans also reported the crashing of the pre-save link which is typical of BTS fans saying, "Did we crash the website? I’m getting an error trying to presave lol." The physical orders have already sold out when one fan reported, "You got it? I was 5min late and now it's all sold out."








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