BTS ARMY shames Super Bowl LVI attendees for flouting mask mandate unlike K-pop fans

BTS ARMY shames Super Bowl LVI attendees for flouting mask mandate unlike K-pop fans
BTS fans post videos of ARMYs wearing face masks throughout BTS' 'PTD on Stage' concerts while Super Bowl fans flouted the mask mandate (@MrsTOH2O, @MarsNeedsWomxn, @BTS_twt/Twitter)

Even as the pandemic rages around the world, NFL had the second consecutive yearly game, Super Bowl LVI in the era of Covid-19. Despite the existence of the mask mandate, attendees were spotted without face masks. Making it their business, BTS fans are now calling out people of the US for their hypocrisy. BTS ARMYs have been called names time and time again for their display of love for the seven-member K-pop group. They have been lampooned for camping out overnight to see their favorites or being called ‘bots’ for achieving impossible music video views for BTS.

The NFL Super Bowl LVI that took place on Sunday, February 13 is one event that BTS fans are rightfully holding against the citizens of the United States as well as sports lovers. Multiple attendees and media reports from the game reported that fans and attendees of the Super Bowl were seen without masks at the event despite the issuance of a mask mandate days ahead of the game.

BTS ARMY is now taking the opportunity to point out how fans at each of BTS' LA concerts diligently wore masks even as they cheered from the stands. The four-day event in November-December saw more than 50 thousand attendees per day to see their favorite idols.


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BTS ARMY call out Super Bowl fans

ARMYs are posting videos from the Permission to Dance on Stage concerts showing comparisons of how attendees from the Super Bowl event need to do better. They argued that if young fans of K-pop can learn basic etiquette and keep their masks on throughout the BTS concert while singing and dancing along with their favorite artist, Super Bowl attendees, most of them adults, could do the same. While BTS fans are pointing out how fans of the K-pop group acted responsibly at the concerts, they are also sharing testimonials from media representatives who interviewed the staff at SoFi stadium that reported how no one had to ask ARMYs to wear their masks.



Not only the BTS ARMY but most Americans are also pointing out how despite having a mask mandate, almost all Super Bowl attendees were seen without masks. One user said, “​​Remember, there is a mask mandate for the #SuperBowl. So, local politicians, prepare your apologies now.” One more user pointed out, “Los Angeles has an indoor mask mandate. This is the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, at the Super Bowl. He is indoors. He is also maskless. Do not ever take these people seriously.” Another user said, “Lots of unmasked #SuperBowl attendees/teams’ staff who aren’t actively eating/drinking. How are you enforcing the mask mandate? Are you concerned about this televised showing of rule-flouting?”




‘It’s not that hard’

BTS fans started calling out NFL Super Bowl attendees for acting irresponsibly as one said, “Lol. Not as per the videos that are circulating. But guess what? Had ya covered #BTS's concert #PTD_ON_STAGE_LA last Nov-Dec, you'd have seen examples of mask compliance by 50k+ ARMY every day whom Media calls "RABID". In fact I have pictures for y'all.” Another fan said, “How is no one wearing a mask at the super bowl but everyone was wearing one at the bts concerts like it’s not that hard?”

One US citizen said, “STILL HAVEN’T SEEN A SINGLE PERSON AT THE SUPERBOWL WEARING A COVID MASK, BUT MY KIDS BOTH HAVE TO WEAR THEM ALL DAY AT SCHOOL TOMORROW.” One BTS fan said, “Yup. I was at Sofi for the sold out BTS concert in Dec and everyone wore a mask, without throwing a fit or anyone telling them to keep one on. We had no breakouts of COVID. I hate to see what the cases will be in a week or so.”

One fan said, “Mask rules are still in effect in LA, it’s really disconcerting how many people were not wearing masks!! I’m so happy that we were responsible during PTD LA concerts and no outbreaks were reported!! I had not been to any crowded events since March 2020, until then!” One fan asked if there were any attendees wearing masks at the Super Bowl game and one fan said, “They don’t have to worry about getting kicked out.”







‘That is the BTS ARMY’

Fans started narrating reports from SoFi stadium staff saying, “At PTDLA, I had the chance to speak with a SOFI manager and he was ASTOUNDED. He said that each & every seat on all 4 days had been completely sold out & yet not once did his staff have to tell anyone to put on their mask. He was so shocked. I told him, "That's the BTS ARMY!"

One fan responded, “I really have to agree not to SoFi’s credit because they didn’t even ask people to do anything. But out of the 3 days I attended only one person didn’t have it on properly and BTS’ staff took care of it personally even though it was difficult to get to them.” One BTS fan asked, “Did Eyewitness News got blind about BTS ARMYs swarming this stadium with full compliance inside and outside the premises wiht no covid-related cases? I would love to read about that too.” One fan responded, "And nobody had to give us free masks to make it happen either.”




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