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'BTS at Harry Styles Concert' trends as band jams to songs alongside Lizzo

Is this the end of ARMYs vs Directioners? V, Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope from BTS grab the front seats at the Harry Styles concert
UPDATED NOV 20, 2021
BTS' official dance line, J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook and Lizzo attend the Harry Styles Love on Tour 2021 concert in California (@BTS_twt/Twitter, HYBE)
BTS' official dance line, J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook and Lizzo attend the Harry Styles Love on Tour 2021 concert in California (@BTS_twt/Twitter, HYBE)

Fan wars are a trend in every music industry and K-pop is not shy to the concept of fandoms fighting other fandoms to defend themselves. Since the rise of BTS, they have been compared to the non disbanded, pop boy group,  One Direction and that has led to some nasty fan wars. Now it seems like BTS going global was the only way to end the fan war.  On November 20 the phrase ‘BTS at Harry Styles Concert’ started trending as four out of seven members of BTS appeared in multiple fan-captured videos on Twitter.

BTS members V (Taehyung), Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope (Hoseok) were the four members in attendance at the Harry Styles ‘Love on Tour 2021’. The show took place at The Forum in Inglewood, California, and as members of BTS were already in LA, California, in preparation for their own five-day concert that starts tomorrow, November 21, 20201 at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles. While BTS members left before the concert could end, their short appearance made a lasting impression while Harry gave them a special mention from the stage.


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Fans spotted BTS members at the Harry Styles concert on November 20, 2021 (Twitter)

BTS in casuals at Harry’s Concert

While it is no shocker to see artists as the concerts of other artists, it is extremely shocking to see BTS members attend public events without their leader, RM (Namjoon). While it seems like the Dance Line of BTS needed a rest so Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope grabbed vocal king V alongside to attend a Harry Styles concert in style. All four members of the group were dressed in dark wear while Jimin and Jungkook appeared almost unrecognizable as Jungkook wore a cheetah print hoodie with his head covered in a baseball cap and a black dust mask covering his face.

Jimin on the other hand, dressed in all black with a black beanie to cover his head and a black dust mask to shield his face. J-hope also covered his head with a beanie while he wore a casual t-shirt and jeans with a white dust mask shielding his face, his signature eyewear gave him away. V on the other hand appeared as his nonchalant self wearing a casual grey t-shirt and a black dust mask with no headgear to hide his naturally wavy black hair that fans adore.

Fans saw J-Hope capturing videos of the members enjoying the concert as Harry performed on stage. (Twitter)


As much as fans joke about BTS forgetting them and cheating on them with other artists, it is all a joke and the fans love to see their idols finally get the exposure they deserve. After the initial photos and videos went viral, ARMYs were excited to notice how the members of the group enjoyed themselves while Harry performed on stage. Another moment that got a lot of attention from fans was the artist Lizzo finally being able to meet the members in person.

Lizzo has been vocal about her love for BTS and she even talked about her most favorite member (bias) as well as how she was introduced to them by her younger sister. Lizzo who is a fan of BTS has talked about them on Twitter as well garnering a lot of attention from fans. Pictures and videos captured by attendees of the concert are going viral on Twitter as of now while Lizzo was seen having a fun moment dancing alongside BTS members to Harry Styles performing ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction while ARMYs are feeling they missed out.

Fans also tweeted saying that BTS members had to leave early but Harry noticed them and drew the attention of fans by calling them one of his ‘special guests’ as the four left the concert hall. Fans are now in a puddle of mush after they witnessed this wonderful but short interaction between BTS and International artists.


'What if this was my last straw?'

Fans took videos of the members jamming to Harry Styles' songs. One fan said, "Look at jungkook singing his heart outvto falling BTS at Harry Styles concert and taekook and jihope just vibing the concert Falling ft.BTS." Another fan who lived hours away from the event joked, "WHAT IF THIS WAS MY LAST STRAW????? BTS AT HARRY STYLES CONCERT AND IM HOURS AWAY." Another fan said, "Y'all look at them vmin, lizzo , jungkookie , hobi vibing so happy to see they're having fun."


ARMYs also noted that J-Hope was capturing a lot of photos and videos of the maknae line enjoying the concert and were hopeful that he post these photos as they said, "We trust in Hobi's gallery." One more fan pointed, "BTS at Harry Styles concert and Jungkook really feeling himself!"