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Halsey calls BTS 'uncle gang' as she introduces her child to members at LA concert

Fans had manifested BTS as the uncles of Halsey's son and it seems like their wish has finally come true as she declared BTS as her child's uncles
Halsey meets BTS after their last concert day for 'Permission to Dance On Stage' on December 2 (@iamhalsey/Instagram)
Halsey meets BTS after their last concert day for 'Permission to Dance On Stage' on December 2 (@iamhalsey/Instagram)

There is no rest for ARMYs when BTS is in the states and this fact has been proven numerous times since the boys left their home country for various reasons this year after the pandemic. The popularity and craze behind BTS have skyrocketed since the start of their American journey in 2016 and it is only upwards for the boys to go. The last time BTS was in the US, it was to attend the 2021 UNGA but other than the boys speaking for the Youth of the world, their visit provided fans with a wholesome interaction.

Fans enjoyed seeing the viral moments of BTS members meeting Megan Thee Stallion and her pet dog in the US after the global success of their song, ‘Butter’ Remix ft. Megan Thee Stallion herself. Soon after that, BTS then trended as four of the seven members attended the Harry Styles concert and met Lizzo in person giving fans another wholesome interaction to talk about. But, no one can forget that these interactions with female artists began with BTS’ OG Bestie, Halsey and now it has finally come to a full circle since the singer attended the final day of BTS’ ‘PTD on Stage’ concert on December 2 and posted a cute Instagram carousel with the members.


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BTS and Halsey have a new interaction that fans love and it features Baby Ender (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

BTS reunite with Halsey at ‘PTD on Stage’

The interactions between BTS and Halsey are always the best but what fans of the group adore about the singer is that she goes out of her way to prove that her friendship with the K-pop band is real and she will do everything in her might to defend the members. ARMYs have made a soft corner in their hearts for the singer and love her appreciation of the boys but it seems like the corner has turned into a room. 

The BTS LA concert, ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’ (aka PTD on Stage) is finally coming to an end but it still proves to be a bag full of surprises. On Day 2 of the four-day concert, Megan Thee Stallion graced the stage as she performed the ‘Butter’ Remix on stage with the seven members of BTS and fans thought she had knocked it out of the park for the boys now that it was the end of all interactions.

Well not so much, Halsey attended the final day of the concert on December 2 and as the members of BTS were addressing fans during a ment when the camera suddenly zoomed into an ARMY in the audience, she was none other than Halsey with her ARMY Bomb lightstick cheering the boys on as they greeted her in the middle of the show.


Halsey and BTS interaction 2.0

Soon after the brief interaction fans talked about how they wished there was more with BTS and Halsey as they said how they got robbed off of a ‘Boy With Luv’ performance. Halsey then made a carousel post on Instagram with a few pictures of her from the concert as well as that with BTS backstage. This set of pictures was the biggest surprise fans could ask for as it had one wish ARMYs had been manifesting for months ever since Halsey announced her pregnancy.

Halsey posted a picture of herself with her son, Ender Ridley in the same outfit that she wore at the concert. Fans began to speculate that this could only mean she introduced her son to the members. Well, we are not sure if BTS met baby Ender in real life but a virtual meet could quite be possible as Halsey captioned her post, “Uncle Gang” making it clear how BTS members were all now uncles for her son.

Halsey calls BTS 'Uncle Gang' on her latest Instagram post (@iamhalsey/Twitter)

'Why are you crying it's just a post'

Halsey's caption soon went viral on Twitter as fans said, "She called them Uncle gang." One fan initially announced, "Our queen Halsey is here omg!" One more fan said, "Halsey is here in the crowd with ARMY BOMB." One fan said, "Why are you crying it's just a post" BRO THE CAPTIONS SAYS "uncle gang." One more fan said, "HALSEY’S BABY HAVE THE COOLEST UNCLES IN THE WORLD." One fan got emotional and said, "GTFO MY FACE SHE SAID UNCLE GANG." Another fan asked, "Halsey called bts uncle gang.. Should i cry or should I cry?"