Bryan Kohberger drove by Idaho victims' house hours after murders to witness ‘fruits of his actions’

Bryan Kohberger drove by Idaho victims' house hours after murders to witness ‘fruits of his actions’
Bryan Kohberger was allegedly passed by the Idaho house hours after the killings (Ted S Warren - Pool/Getty Images and Fox News screenshot)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: The probable cause affidavit filed in court over the murders of four University of Idaho students has provided new insights into the shocking case as it revealed that suspect Bryan Kohberger returned to the scene of the crime hours after the victims were slain. The documents released last week noted that the movements of the alleged killer’s cell phone were consistent with the white Hyundai Elantra seen near the scene of the crime on 13 November.


Reflecting on the information, Bobby Chacon, a retired FBI agent, said Bryan might have returned to the scene the crime scene to indulge in the "fruits of his actions." “"I think this is sometimes classic criminal behavior where criminals revisit the scene of the crime,” Chacon told News Nation. "I think he might have gone back there to see if there were ambulances or police cars. He probably expected the police to be there already.”


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Chacon said he believes Kohberger returned to victims' - Kaylee Gonvalves, 21, Ethan Chapin, 20, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Madison Mogen, 21 - King Road residence to see what kind of activity was taking place at the house. "Sometimes it is the thrill, we have seen people stand behind police lines at fires, arsonists do this a lot.” The former FBI agent continued. "I think he was driving by to see basically the fruits of his actions. There should have been by that time a lot of police and ambulance activity. This is all speculation on my part, but I think it is quite possible that he was going back there to expect to see a lot of police activity."


The retired FBI agent also addressed some concerns that have arisen after it was revealed that one of the roommates of the victims allegedly saw the killer on the night of the murders. Chacon said, "I think he did see her but looking at the affidavit with the phone records and where he was, I think he had a certain plan. There was a plan in place that he had for this house. So he was executing a plan as he thought it was going to go in his mind.”

"I think that the rage that he had, that was building in the days and weeks leading up to the murders, I think it all came out and the opposite side of that rage is an adrenaline crash," the former agent added. "He was looking to get out of that house as quickly as he could and the other two people downstairs were not part of his plan so he walked right by her to get out of the house."


Kohberger, who was arrested from his parent's residence in Penneslyavia on December 30, is currently being held at Latah County Jail and has been charged with four counts of murder in the first degree and a felony burglary charge in connection to gruesome murders. He arrived in Moscow on Thursday, January 5, after agreeing to his extradition to Idaho during his first Pennsylvania court appearance.

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