Brent Champagne thinks he is safe, fans call him 'dumbest player in Big Brother history'

Brent Champagne was definitely popular, but for all the wrong reasons

                            Brent Champagne thinks he is safe, fans call him 'dumbest player in Big Brother history'
Brent Champagne gets voted out from Big Brother (Instagram/flywithchampagne)

It all boils down to how you play the game when it comes to surviving the 'Big Brother' house. While alliances are key, it helps to know who is your friend and to always watch your own back. 

If you give too much away, you might end up like players such as Brandon 'Frenchie' French. So it definitely helps to keep your eyes and ears open and, more importantly, trust no one. It is a game, after all. But it looks like Brent Champagne didn't quite get the memo.


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After being nominated for elimination alongside Britini D'Angelo, Brent maintained banking on winning the power of veto in order to stay in the house. He believed that he might risk being eliminated because the other house guests see him as an obvious threat. Unknown to him, the entire house was determined to get rid of him, solely seeing that they were done with his antics. With Christian Birkenberger gaining the power of veto, he decided to keep Brent and Britni on the chopping block. However, Brent is purely under the impression that it will be Britini who is leaving, even though his own teammates want him gone. He even goes as far as to tell everyone to pretend they’re going to vote him out to avoid the veto from being used. Brent is under the impression that between him and Britni, she is the obvious choice for elimination. 

Fans couldn't stop talking about just how delusional he was.
"Brent has to be the dumbest player in big brother history" tweeted a fan. "Yeah Brent got to go home tomorrow. There is no way we can't see his reaction to him finding out his "clever" plan was something they already were doing he swear he slick! #BB23 #BigBrother" added another.

"Big Brother editing team going the extra mile to make sure that we know that Brent is an idiot. They do have a lot of help tho" joked another. "With 11 votes to 0, Brent you have been evicted from Big Brother. #Get Lost Brent , Get a Stepping." agreed another. "Everyone in the house when Brent is talking about "the greatest blindside in the history of Big Brother…" #bigbrother23 #BB23 #BigBrother" agreed another. 

"This season so far proves that unanimous votes itself are not the issue in modern big brother it's the constant lack of a strategic and cutthroat cast. Brent has 13 people lying to his face and they don't feel any type of way about it it's beautiful #bb23" stated a fan. 
"Big brother fact #39 - it is proven that Brent is the most delusional houseguest to ever play this game! if you actually like him pls think abt changing your stans #bb23" pointed a user. 















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