'Big Brother': Will Brent Champagne be eliminated? Fans say he's 'too cocky'

'Nothing worse than a goofball thinking he's God's gift to women,' tweeted a fan, waiting to see Brent gone

                            'Big Brother': Will Brent Champagne be eliminated? Fans say he's 'too cocky'
Brent Champagne as seen on 'Big Brother' (CBS)

Any seasoned 'Big Brother' fan will tell you that to play the game and make it to the top, it's all about creating the right alliances. So while you can't be on everyone's team, it does help to be in their good books.

Playing the game like Brandon 'Frenchie' French, who made one too many promises, will result in a nomination and a subsequent elimination. But being too sneaky isn't the only problem, sometimes, you've to make sure you don't go around running your mouth. And it turns out, someone forgot to give that memo to Brent Champagne.


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The house seemed unanimous about who should leave, seeing that all eyes were on Brent. Bragging about never having had a platonic friendship with any woman he found attractive, the rest of his housemates were done with his antics and so were fans. "This dude Brent on Big Brother thinks all the women are into him. Nah, you're just a geek that got on TV my guy. Nothing worse than a goofball thinking he's God's gift to women," tweeted a fan.

"Did Brent seriously just spew out the "When Harry Met Sally" line about how "Men and women can't be friends,"?!?! Hannah and Whitney's faces were priceless!!! #BB23 #BigBrother," added another. "Brent getting the douche edit tonight #bb23 #BigBrother #bigbrother23," tweeted a fan.  







With Xavier Prather as the head of household this week, he agreed with the rest of his alliances that Brent was the obvious choice to leave the game. The majority of the house could see why, except for Brent himself. Brent was sure that he was safe from elimination because he and Xavier are friends. However, when Xavier suggested that he would nominate him as a 'decoy', Brent was against the idea because he was sure that the other housemates see him as a threat and given a chance, they will get rid of him.

Brent was clearly under the impression that he is one of the most formidable competitors on the show, which couldn't be further from the truth. Fans are more than ready to see him pack his bags. Unfortunately, Brittni ended up getting nominated alongside him, only to have an emotional outburst, seeing that she was nominated the second week. To top it off, she is completely unaware that she is just the decoy here, seeing that everyone wants Brent gone.

"BRENT IS TOO COCKY AND BRITTNI IS TAKING THIS GAME TOO PERSONAL... @CBSBigBrother #BB23" pointed a user. "Brent- I can't be a nominee Rest of the House..... #BigBrother #bb23" joked another. "Brent stay ruining shit. I can't wait for him and his hovering presence to leave #BB23" added a fan. 







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