'Big Brother': Who are the new showmances? Fans call show 'the new Love Island'

Looks like love is in the air at the 'Big Brother' house, but will these couples last after the show is over?

                            'Big Brother': Who are the new showmances? Fans call show 'the new Love Island'
Derek Xiao and Hannah Chaddha on 'Big Brother' (CBS)

It wouldn't be a season of 'Big Brother' without its fair share of showmances. And by the look of it, there are already some in the works. 

While it may seem like 'Big Brother' romances are unlikely to work out in the real world after the show, you'd be surprised to know that some of them are actually rather successful. While it is hard to determine if this season's romances will survive the show, here's a look at the couples that are getting cozy.


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Most couples go in hoping to avoid a showmance, seeing that it often makes the couple itself an easy target for elimination. And while most participants this season seem to be wary about this, looks like there is no way to fight a budding romance!

The showmance couple that everyone has their eyes on is Hannah Chaddha and Derek Xiao. Hannah has been rather candid about how she feels about him, mentioning that she finds him cute. She also pointed out that they are closer in age, which makes it easier for her to talk to him as well. Derek is well aware that Hannah is blatantly flirting with him. And while he didn't outright say that he likes her, he did mention that he does find her cute and that he likes her sense of humor. Looks like cupid is hard at work!


While Hannah has been rather candid about her feelings, Alyssa Lopez on the other hand has been rather coy. Turns out, her set of suitors isn't just one lucky gentleman but three! Xavier Prather, Christian Birkenberger and Brett Champagne have all showed interest in Alyssa. But for anyone who has tuned in to even five minutes of the show, it is clear as day that Alyssa only has eyes for Christian. He also happens to be smitten by her entirely. Getting into a showmance was not his plan, but the moment he lay eyes on Alyssa it was hard to fight the feeling.

The pair has been getting close throughout the show and while it's rather obvious, they seem to be trying to play it as low as possible. Alyssa even mentioned that they've been trying to sell their relationship as a 'brother-sister' one but also pointed out that she realizes siblings don't cuddle. On the other hand, Brett seems to be oblivious to it all, seeing that he keeps making claims that he can't be friends with attractive women like Alyssa because they would end up together.

Fans definitely seem to think otherwise, pointing out that Brett might be on the wrong show. "i personally enjoy the official big brother account acknowledging that love island purposely casts trash men. #bb23," tweeted a fan. "Big brother wants to be love island so bad," agreed another. 



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