'Big Brother': Frenchie fails to send Christian out, fans say 'don't make deals on day one'

Frenchie seemed like a man with a plan, but that plan seems to have failed spectacularly

                            'Big Brother': Frenchie fails to send Christian out, fans say 'don't make deals on day one'
Brandon' Frenchie' French as seen on 'Big Brother' (CBS)

When it comes to the 'Big Brother' house, winning the challenges is important but knowing how to play politics is the real game. With the first house challenge done and Brandon' Frenchie' French being declared head of the household, it was up to him to nominate two people to be eliminated.

As with most HOHs, Frenchie quickly jumped into a strategy -- get rid of all the meatheads. Frenchie had two people on his hitlist -- Brent Champagne and Christian Birkenberger, seeing that he didn't like the 'jock' type, who he considers showmen. But that plan soon went down the drain.


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As HOH, Frenchie's plan was simple -- nominate two guys from 'Kings', the losing team, instead of any women from the group. But Frenchie also went about his plan in the worst way possible, promising safety to practically everyone, seeing that he planned on getting rid of Brent and Christian. But when Brent told him the story of his father, family man Frenchie was quickly swayed, setting his eyes entirely on Christian alone.

However, a Wild Card Competition was thrown into the mix -- where one person could play from each team to earn immunity. Kylan, Hannah and Christian decided to plan, with Christian winning the game. However, he was allowed to pick one more person to save and he went with teammate Xavier, leaving Frenchie in a dilemma, seeing that he had to go back on his word. Cornered but still determined to get to Christian, Frenchie nominated Kyland Young and Alyssa Lopez, seeing that Alyssa was getting close to Christian. 

Fans who were on Frenchie's sides were quick to call him out on his master plan. "So, to summarize tonight's #BigBrother23 episode so far: Frenchie: MY PLAN IS PERFECT! *literally anything happens* Frenchie: NOOO MYYYY PLLAAAAANNNNN!!!!! America: #BigBrother," tweeted a fan. 

"How is Frenchie a super fan but doesn't realize that the core of this game is social intersection and restricting the flow of information? @CBSBigBrother #BigBrother23 #BB23," added another. "Could Frenchie be low key hating on Christian...especially since he seem to be bothered by pretty boy jocks!#bigbrother23," added a fan. 

"It might get to the point where Frenchie has to nominate members of the production staff with all the promises of safety. #BB23 #bigbrother23," tweeted another. "see, this why you don't make deals on day one. now he's in a tough predicament #bigbrother23," said a fan. 










But Frenchie might have just played his cards right, seeing that Christian is all riled up with Alyssa's nomination. While he did get a reaction out of him, it might not be in Frenchie's favor and will probably come back to bite him sooner than later!

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