'BMF' Episode 8 Review: Will B-Mickie betray Meech? Situations spell trouble for him

B-Mickie kills Kato in cold blood after Meech finds out about her working for enemy Lamar

                            'BMF' Episode 8 Review: Will B-Mickie betray Meech? Situations spell trouble for him
Myles Truitt as B-Mickie and Steve Harris as Detective Bryant in 'BMF' (Starz)

Spoilers for 'BMF' Episode 8 'The King of Detroit'

The premiere season of 'Black Mafia Family' has come to an end with the finale having fans raving about it. The Starz show by 50 Cent follows the life and journey of real-life drug organization run by the Flenory Brothers.

Consisting of seasoned and new actors the show gradually picked up and delivered some amazing content for crime drama lovers. Read on to know what we thought of the Season finale of 'BMF'.


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The last episode of the season began on an intriguing note as we saw Kato (Ajiona Alexus) meet up with an injured Lamar (Eric Kofi-Abrefa) as part of her plan to take him down. We also saw Terry (Da'Vinchi) being arrested by the DRANO task force at his school as part of their goal to arrest the 50 Boyz. Things have already started to get worse right from the start as tensions pile.

A still from 'BMF' Episode 8 (Starz)

The finale served us some really cool moments when Meech (Demetrius Flenory Jr), the man with a plan gathers the whole gang to make business moves. The show which till now has kept us hooked with the best and worst character Lamar saw him get very little screen time but when he did, it was quite the shock. Meech after finding out about Kato's treachery hatches a plan with him successfully shooting Lamar. But trigger-happy B-Mickie (Myles Truitt) gave us a proper scare this episode when he pulled off an unexpected stunt. Kato's boy toy in a shocking twist, sided with Meech and killed Kato in a chilling display of coldheartedness.

As the shot woman tells him she loves him, his reply, "I love you too" before finishing her off was the highlight of the episode. Detective Bryant (Steve Harris) who until recently was on Meech's payroll is one character that is going to spell serious trouble for the young boy. After his partner's death, the man has been like a hunter with Meech being the prey. Bryant gets B-Mickie and shows him evidence incriminating him for the murder of Kato and another rival gang member, and tries to strike a deal to capture Meech in exchange for burying the evidence. Another thorn in Meech's path may just have appeared.

Demetrius Flenory Jr. as Demetrius Flenory in 'BMF' (Starz)

Terry who is tired of this risky life decides to put his family first and tells Meech that he's done. This was quite a sad moment as we could see Meech genuinely hurt and angry at being abandoned by his younger brother. The scene was especially a bigger blow since Meech officially coined the 50 Boyz as the Black Mafia Family which signified their familial bond. The episode ends with an older Meech in prison reminiscing about current events.

The season finale was hands down our favorite and it seems like the show reserved the best for last. A few doubts too, have been cleverly planted such as the confirmation of Lamar's death which may actually see him survive another day and B-Mickie's impending decision. Meech is going to have a tough time keeping business in check with Terry's exit meaning losing out on Big L's business as well. A hard path awaits the Black Mafia Family with the next season looking promising.

'BMF' is available to stream on Starz.

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