'BMF' Season Finale: Fans laud 50 Cent for great show, say they 'need more' episodes

'BMF' Season 1 ended on a high note with fans being left speechless and hungry for more of the crime drama

                            'BMF' Season Finale: Fans laud 50 Cent for great show, say they 'need more' episodes
Ajiona Alexus as Kato and Demetrius Flenory Jr. as Demetrius Flenory in 'BMF' (Starz)

Spoilers for 'Black Mafia Family', Episode 8 - 'The King of Detroit'

The finale of 'Black Mafia Family' is here and boy was it chock full of surprises! The crime drama series which has had a slow pace but gradually picked it up sprung a proper surprise for its Season finale.

Episode 8 of 'BMF' dished out many plotlines which spelled the end for some characters and also showed the progress of Meech, Terry, and the 50 Boyz. Danger has been a constant in the last few episodes but fans especially loved the final episode. Read on to know how they reacted and what happened in the finale


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The Season Finale of 'BMF' was brilliant with quite a lot of happenings packed into a single episode. Detective Bryant (Steve Harris) is out for Meech (Demetrius Flenory Jr) with the 50 Boyz also facing heat from the special DRANO task force. Kato (Ajiona Alexus) who's trying to outsmart Lamar (Eric Kofi-Abrefa) gets the most unexpected ending after she's betrayed by B-Mickie (Myles Truitt) who kills her ruthlessly. Lamar too, gets what's coming to him when Meech orchestrates a move which results in him being shot. Detective Bryant arrests B-Mickie and gets evidence of him killing Kato and Jay-Mo (Holmes Lindsay IV) but tries to strike a deal to clear his charges in return for helping him nab Meech.

Meanwhile, Terry (Da'Vinchi) who has been faced with family problems due to his business involvement with elder brother Meech makes the decision to quit leaving him hanging. The show's first season ended on a thrilling note which showed a much older Meech in prison, looking back on past events.

'BMF' which had been developed and executive produced by  Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson had fans praising the artist for yet another brilliant show. The rapper, actor, and businessman also has other successful shows on Starz like 'Ghost' and the 'Power Book' series and it's now certain that he has added another feather to his cap. The season finale saw fans take to Twitter to thank and praise 50 Cent for 'BMF' and comment on the great finale. Here's what they said.

One of the fans commented, "#BMF Season Finale on STARZ was unbelievable!!! Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson scored another 1 again." One of the tweets read, " #bmf damn! that episode was insane! I didn't see that coming.". Another fan commented, "I salute you @50centyou are a damn genius for bringing us #BMF. You did something no one else could do. Once again I salute you".

Yet another tweet read, "#BMF was fye!". A user commented, "Wow #BMF…I’m speechless!". A viewer also said, "8 episodes wasn’t enough…I need more! #BMF #seasonfinale"













'Black Mafia Family' is available for streaming on Starz.


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