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'Black Mafia Family' Episode 6: Lamar murders an innocent kid, fans say 'he gotta go'

Monique cuts all ties with Lamar causing him to lose his family due to the Flenory brothers' retaliation
A still from 'Black Mafia Family' (Starz)
A still from 'Black Mafia Family' (Starz)

Spoilers for 'Black Mafia Family' Episode 6 'Strictly Business'

It's Sunday night and Starz dropped quite the intense episode of 'Black Mafia Family'. Episode 6 of 'BMF' saw the Flenory family deal with drama and danger as Lucille (Michole Briana White) finds out about Terry ( Da'Vinchi) dealing drugs with Meech (Demetrius Flenory Jr). The boys have appointed guards for the family to keep them safe at all times, but how far will this protection last as the situation keeps getting worse. It comes to a point that Meech and Terry ask their family to move away for a while.

As to why the Flenory family is like sitting ducks? The answer of course is Lamar (Eric Kofi-Abrefa). Meech made the grave mistake of kidnapping his adoptive daughter Zoe (Stormy Merriwether) and this didn't sit well with the raging mad man. Read on to know what stunts Lamar pulled in Episode 6 and what fans thought of it.


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The kidnapping of Zoe caused Monique (Kash Doll ) to lose all trust Lamar had so painfully earned and cut ties with him. This left him in a proper rage as we see the madman stalk the Flenory brothers. Meech who was at the grocery store is ambushed by Lamar who points a shotgun at him, ready for the kill but was saved by one of his bodyguards who shoots first causing Lamar to make a run for it.

This close call wasn't the only one as we see Lamar outside of Terry's school with a gun. Unable to take any action with a large number of people present, we see him overtly frustrated. In the end, we see him decide to go after their family members. Nicole (Laila D Pruitt),Terry and Meech's younger sister gets herself a boyfriend but is annoyed at the lack of privacy due to a guard always watching her. The two kids, being kids make a run for it as they lose the guard. Lamar who was hiding like a tiger emerges from the bushes and grabs her. Recognizing him from before, she manages to escape leaving her boyfriend behind. The poor guy bears the brunt of it as he mumbles out of fright about letting her go. In a truly shocking and cold-blooded move, Lamar stabs the kid and proceeds to shank him again to assure his death. The encounter left viewers shocked who took to Twitter to express their hate for the character. This is how they reacted.

A viewer commented, "They gotta clip Lamar ass ASAP #BMF". Another fan said, "Lamar out here shankin kids. He gotta go! #BMF". A user also said, "Lamar gotta die son #BMF".

"Somebody gotta kill Lamar he getting too reckless #BMF", read one of the tweets. A viewer also commented, "Lamar must be stopped!! #BMF". Yet another viewer said, "Lamar!! He’s frigg’n diabolical!! #bmfstarz #bmf I want him to go!!"







'BMF' airs every Sunday at 8 pm ET on Starz.