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'Black Mafia Family' Episode 5 Preview: Meech gets ready to take on major risk

Lamar who has Kato under his thumb attempts to play a sly game of power in 'BMF' on Starz
Da'Vinchi and Michole Briana White in 'BMF' (Starz)
Da'Vinchi and Michole Briana White in 'BMF' (Starz)

'Black Mafia Family" has already debuted four episodes of its first season and fans have mixed reactions. While some are loving it, others are finding the pacing to be a bit slow with them demanding more excitement. We are of the latter opinion as the show seems to drag on with only random thrills thrown in here and there. 

The Starz show follows the Black Mafia Family, a real-life drug and money laundering organization that made itself known in America. 'BMF' portrays the incidents that occurred with the Flenory brothers as they make their way to the top of the ladder. Filled with drugs, sex, danger, and risks 'BMF' explores familial ties, passion and what really is at stake. Read on to know what to expect in the fifth episode of 'Black Mafia Family'.


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The trailer for "Secrets and Lies" opens as we see Pat ( Wood Harris ) bribe Detective Bryant ( Steve Harris ) with a hefty bundle of cash and ask him to work for him. Bryant who has been working for Meech (Demetrius Flenory Jr ) may just cross over as, after all, money does work wonders. Demetrius and Terry (Da'Vinch) talk as Meech says that everybody gets with Mrs G Get what exactly, will be revealed in the episode. We see Karen Jones ( Shondalia White)the lawyer representing the Flenory family who is filing a case against a hospital for negligence during Terry's eye surgery, announce to them the offer of $25,000 the hospital made. Charles (Russell Hornsby) exclaims that it's a lot of damn money with Lucille (Michole Briana White ) saying not for her son's vision. Seems like the mother doesn't think the amount matches the worth of Terry's potential loss of vision in his eye.

Steve Harris as Detective Bryant in 'BMF' (Starz)

Lamar( Eric Kofi Abrefa )who has been going around town like a wild animal is finally confronted by one of the 12th Street Boyz who gets his a** beat by the psychopath. Meech, Terry, and Kato(Ajiona Alexus) have a discussion at home as Kato asks Terry if he's on board with the decision. In a split second, we see Meech put her down as he says tell her to remember she's just a footsoldier and that she has no right to question them. The woman is clearly pissed as she leaves.

Lamar gives a call to Meech telling him he's signing his own death warrant as Meech gruffly replies that it's a risk he's willing to take with him clutching a gun. The sneak peek ends as we see Meech drive off.

The fifth episode of 'BMF' seems to be brim-filled with action as the two rivals butt heads and we hope that really is the case.

'BMF' airs every Sunday at 8 pm ET on Starz.