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'Black Mafia Family' Episode 4: Kato proves to be a snitch, fans want her dead

The Flenory brothers are on the hunt for a mysterious new plug in Episode 4 of 'Black Mafia Family'
UPDATED OCT 18, 2021
Ajiona Alexus as Kato in 'BMF' (Starz)
Ajiona Alexus as Kato in 'BMF' (Starz)

It's Sunday night and you know what that means, yep it's 'Black Mafia Family' night! Fans of the Starz crime drama have finally been getting a taste of what they expected from the show with the plot getting deeper each episode.

Last week's episode saw money flow in for Demetrius' Meech' Flenory ( Demetrius Flenory Jr) as business looked up from the food truck hustle. The episode also showed Meech and brother Terry ( Da'Vinchi) get into an argument with Terry saying they operate as equals or he walks. Meanwhile, Lamar (Eric Kofi Abrefa) continues to be a thorn in the foot for the Flenory brothers. Kato( Ajiona Alexus ) a member of Meech and Terry's 50 Boyz is being threatened by Lamar and is supplying him with information. Here's what fans thought of today's episode


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The episode 'Heroes' starts with a young Meech who helped out by Pat (Wood Harris) to impress girls, we learn he's the man that he looks up to most after his father. In the present day, Meech and Terry approach Pat to get more coke as the business is booming but is refused by him. We learn that he himself does not have enough product to give. The Flenory brothers are now on the lookout for a new plug. While shopping with his family Terry is cornered by Lamar and the rest of the 12th Street Boyz in a show of rivalry. Meanwhile, the Ecorse PD is looking into the disappearance of Jay-Mo ( Holmes Lindsay IV) and Filmel ( Markice Moore).

Business hits a block when the 12th Street Boyz turn up at the food truck used as a front by the 50 Boyz and cause them to shut shop temporarily and move. They later are met with more problems as Lamar raids their house where the stash is stored and shoots one of the 50 gang just as Kato arrives and shoots back. At the same time, Pat finds and kidnaps the Flenory brothers after finding out about their betrayal and kills one of his team who betrayed him to make a point. It is later revealed that Kato is the snitch behind all of it when Lamar jumps her in her house and warns her to behave. Meech and the gang worry about how Lamar knew about the house with Meech suspecting Kato. The rest of the group disagree as she was the one who came to save them, they conclude that someone may have been followed. The episode ends with Terry making contact with a new plug (Big L) from south Florida. Fans couldn't digest the fact that Kato was behind the whole ploy and expressed their annoyance. This is how fans reacted.

A fan commented, "Kato really a snake ass bitch". Another viewer said, "I'm callin it. Kato finna get her issue real soon. @bmfstarz #bmf ". A user also said, "I need Kato dead in the next episode #BMF". A viewer said, "Kato the type chick we let all the projects shorties jump & run her out the hood #BMF". Another fan said, "I really can’t wait til Meech finds out that Kato is the rat. #BMF". A user said, "They gone have to kill Kato!! #BMF". 







'BMF' airs every Sunday at 8 pm ET on Starz.