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'Black Mafia Family' Episode 1: Fans love 'amazing cast', expect better to come

'Black Mafia Family' just had its premiere to a steady start with expectations high on upcoming episodes of the Starz crime drama
UPDATED SEP 27, 2021
Demetrius Flenory Jr and Da'Vinchi in 'BMF' (Starz)
Demetrius Flenory Jr and Da'Vinchi in 'BMF' (Starz)

Starz just dropped the first episode of its new crime drama and things are looking good so far. With fans tuning in for the highly anticipated show helmed by executive producer 50 Cent, expectations rode high for 'BMF' which saw mixed reactions.

'Black Mafia Family' follows the true story of two brothers from the decaying streets of southwest Detroit in the late 1980s who rose to give birth to one of the most influential crime families in this country. We see the rise of cocaine kingpins Demetrius 'Big Meech' Flenory and brother Terry Flenory on their rise to power as they establish their business to come out on top of the drug game.


'Black Mafia Family' Episode 1 Review: See it, touch it, obtain it is the mantra

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The first episode of the series saw Demetrius Flenory (Demetrius Flenory Jr) and brother Terry (Da'Vinchi) begin their journey as kids into teens as they get their start in the cocaine business under their boss, Pat. The brothers' family situation isn't great with money being very tight leading to fights. Terry has a baby on the way and Demetrius is sick of living this way. Their ambitions see them plan their own business as means to overcome all the crap life has thrown at them and rise above to a life of respect and security.

The streets of Detroit are strife with drugs and territorial disputes as we see gangs clash. See it, touch it, obtain it is the philosophy of the Flenory brothers as they dream of becoming kings. Lamar, an experienced player, is back out and looking like trouble. Tensions escalate when the brothers' father suspects Demetrius of being involved in shady business and kicks him out. The situation is heating up as we see the brothers begin their journey.

Here's what fans thought of the episode. One fan said, "The acting in BMF is subpar so far. They don’t sound Detroit enough for me #BMF. Another viewer said, "So far I’m confused #BMF". Yet another viewer expressed disappointment, saying, "Ngl that first episode of #bmf was terrible".

A user who liked the episode commented, "@50cent the goat wit this TV shit fr he don’t miss #BMF". Yet another viewer who was not satisfied said, "They needed to find a way to make it flow better…. #BMFSTARZ #BMF". Another viewer enjoyed the episode and commented, "#BMF is already my new fav show. Amazing cast, dope theme song and great storytelling. Loved the series premiere. What a cliffhanger! Can't wait for the next episode. @bmfstarz".







'Black Mafia Family' airs on Sunday at 8 pm EST on Starz.