Beyonce fans taken aback as Blue Ivy, 10, makes a cameo during mom's Oscars 2022 act

Beyonce fans taken aback as Blue Ivy, 10, makes a cameo during mom's Oscars 2022 act
Blue Ivy Carter made her Oscars Debut. (Photo by Youtuber/Beyoncé)

Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy appeared alongside her at the 94th Academy Awards on March 27 and fans were surprised by how mature Blue appeared. Beyonce played Be Alive from the film King Richard while the 10-year-old stood behind her on stage.

Beyonce, Blue Ivy and other young stars were all dressed in yellowish-green for the performance, singing the Oscar-nominated song. Beyonce and Jay-Z have two more children, Rumi and Sir, who are four-year-old twins, in addition to Blue Ivy.


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Fans were eager to comment on the singer's eldest child on Twitter. One user remarked, "Beyoncé was amazing per usual and Blue Ivy is growing up so much." ending with a #Beyonce  and a #Oscars.


Another user wrote,"Blue Ivy is the coolest person alive," while another wrote, "10 year old Blue Ivy, standing in front of her mother Beyoncé, performing on the Oscars. she really is the next SUPREME!"



"Blue Ivy is so generous to let Beyoncé share the stage with her," another user's tweet read, ending with a #Oscars.


Another user's tweet was as follows: "Blue Ivy performed with Beyoncé at the Oscars. Right in front of her too ! Love that. Blue blue did great !"


In an interview with Glamour, Beyonce stated of her daughter, "Blue is very smart, and she is aware that there is a shift, but it is my job as a parent to do my best to keep her world as positive and safe as can be for an eight-year-old."

Beyonce continued, "When I tell her I’m proud of her, she tells me that she’s proud of me and that I’m doing a good job. It’s too much sweetness. She melts my heart. I believe the best way to teach them is to be the example."

Rumi, the younger child, also made a rare appearance with her family in an advertisement in December. The little girl was seen playing with the sports brands' items while modelling for Beyonce's athleisure clothing business Ivy Park and Adidas.




Rumi, who was being held by her mother, was dressed to the nines in a sports bra and matching leggings, with her hair pulled back in pigtail braids. Blue Ivy, on the other hand, was dressed in a matching sports bra and leggings pair. With a soccer ball in her hand, she stood behind her mother and sister.

Blue Ivy also starred alongside Beyonce in a commercial for the Icy Park capsule collection in February.

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