Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy Carter narrating 'Hair Love' audiobook is 'middle finger' to haters, say fans

The collaboration is especially poignant given that Blue Ivy Carter has often faced public attacks and comments about her hair and Beyonce too has been criticized about not 'grooming' her hair properly

                            Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy Carter narrating 'Hair Love' audiobook is 'middle finger' to haters, say fans
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Looks like Blue Ivy Carter has a busier schedule than her mom and dad, Beyonce and Jay-Z, nowadays. The 8-year-old is the narrator of the audiobook adaptation of Matthew A. Cherry’s short film, ‘Hair Love’. For the film that got its start via a Kickstarter campaign and ended up scooping up an Oscar for 'Best Animated Short', this collaboration is the latest high point.

Cherry took to Twitter to post the news about the audiobook version of the film debuting on Audible, narrated by Blue Ivy Carter with a small clip featuring her voice to give listeners a taste of what to expect. "Dreamscape presents Hair Love, by Matthew A. Cherry, narrated by Blue Ivy Carter," she says in her super-cute voice, which sounds very much like a very professional voice actor's work.


The collaboration is especially poignant given that Carter has often faced public attacks and comments about her hair and Beyonce too has been criticized about not 'grooming' her hair properly. So fans found it especially fitting that Carter had decided to voice the audiobook.

One fan said: "Blue Ivy at such a young age, faced so many attacks and comments about her hair from adults who should have known better. Even television stations like BET joined in publicly on the mockery. To have her narrate a story on 'Hair Love' is just so fitting and perfect." While another said: "Love to see this! Nothing like little Black girls like Blue Ivy and Keris having the last laugh when people tried it with their anti-Blackness. Always bet on melanin!"



Cherry's announcement had "Blue Ivy" trending on Twitter as people also commented on what a savvy and smart all-rounder she was turning out to be. One fan exclaimed, "Manager extraordinaire, painter, Makeup artist, dancer, rapper/singer Azul aka Blue Ivy do it all", while another tweet said: "Blue Ivy already trying to win that Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album early I see." In fact, several tweets saw this audiobook as her way to get a Grammy early, as an overachiever, like this one: "Blue Ivy probably told Beyoncé she wanted her Grammy EARLY because she’s not lazy like her momma. And honestly, I love that for her. Blue Ivy carries that family and it shows." 




Other fans said Beyonce's recent success was also because of her daughter's creative and business acumen. One fan commented: "Ever since Blue Ivy became Beyoncé’s manager, everything she puts out are top notch. Revel? Life is but a dream? ST? Ivy Park? Lemonade? Beychella? The Gift? Black is King?? Even broke a world record ALL because of blue blue. Everybody say THANK YOU BLUE IVY" Others compared what Beyonce had achieved to what Blue Ivy Carter had achieved. "Blue Ivy’s career is really what Beyoncé think she has. Work hard ms B maybe you’ll get there," joked a Twitter user, while another fan commented: "my girl BLUE IVY STAYING BOOKED, Beyoncé only wishes she had Blue Ivy’s range"   




Other tweets couldn't help commenting on how perfect the collaboration was for both Mathew A. Cherry and Blue Ivy Carter. "@MatthewACherry is a force and legend in the making. Having @Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy narrating given the unnecessary hate she received about her hair is such perfection. Visionary and iconic aren't even the words," said one fan about the collaboration. Another user tweeted: "Whoa...this hits different. Remember when sooo many black folks were spewing antiblackness, telling Beyoncé that she needs to comb Blue's hair because 'it didn't look good'??? Yeah. This is great!". Other tweets were even more blunt about how Blue Ivy Carter was finally getting a chance to hit back at haters and in the process inspire other kids who are bullied because of their hair, like this one: "After all the disgusting comments about Blue Ivy’s hair, this is a stellar 'middle finger' move. And of course a major flex for you, @MatthewACherry! So many little Black girls need to see this & feel loved."   





On the audiobook's Audible page, it says, Hair Love is "an ode to loving your natural hair―and a celebration of daddies and daughters everywhere." Before this, in February 2020, she won an NAACP Image Award alongside her mother, Beyoncé, for their work together on the song 'Brown Skin Girl' from the singer's 2019 project 'The Lion King: The Gift.'

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