Beyonce ‘Be Alive’ Fan Review: ‘King Richard’s original track ‘flopped already’

The 40-year-old songstress’ latest project is the biggest after she dropped the song ‘Black Parade’ and the visual album ‘Black Is King’

                            Beyonce ‘Be Alive’ Fan Review: ‘King Richard’s original track ‘flopped already’
Beyonce and King Richard's official poster (Photos by [email protected]/@willsmith)

Beyonce rarely drops music these days but when she does the Queen Bey makes sure it makes noise everywhere possible. Even though Taylor Swift’s re-recorded album ‘Red’ was all over the Internet, the Queen of R&B still managed to grab one of the top spots on the trending list. The ‘Halo’ hitmaker’s latest release is called ‘Be Alive’ which is an original track for the motion picture ‘King Richard’ starring Will Smith in the lead.

The 40-year-old songstress’ latest project is the biggest after she dropped the song ‘Black Parade’ and the visual album ‘Black Is King’, which featured music from 2019’s ‘The Lion King: The Gift’. Speaking of new Friday releases, we also saw DaBaby making a comeback after his homophobic rant controversy. The rapper dropped a brand new album called ‘BOMBJS’. Juice WRLD’s new single ‘Already Dead’ from his second posthumous album 'Fighting Demons' and Silk Sonic’s debut joint effort titled ‘An Evening in Paris’ too got the attention of music lovers.  
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Beyonce releases original single ‘Be Alive’

Beyonce’s latest single was first previewed during the trailer release of ‘King Richard’. The track features the same drum-heavy rhythms like her earlier track ‘Freedom’ from her 2019 ‘Lemonade’. The renowned singer-songwriter uses her powerful vocals to good effect as she harmonizes with high notes. Beyonce penned her latest single with an artist called Dixson. ‘Be Alive’ will be featured during the closing credits of the song. A lot of social media users felt that the song previewed in the trailer was much better as compared to the full-length one.

Speaking of lyrics, Beyonce on ‘Be Alive’ shares political messages about feminism and Black life - among the themes explored in the film. In the intro, she croons, “It feels so good to be alive/Got all my family by my side/Couldn't wipe this black off if I tried/ That's why I lift my head with pride.” She then quickly slips into the first verse serenading her fans with lyrics like, “I got a million miles on me/ They want to see how far I go/ The path was never paved with gold (Gold)/ We worked and built this on our own (Own).”

‘King Richard’ focuses on Richard Williams, the father of Venus and Serena Williams, as he coaches them in their tennis journey and rise to stardom. ‘King Richard’ has been executively produced by Venus and Serena Williams, along with their sister Isha Price. The film hits the box office on November 19.




‘I love Beyonce but the trailer version was awesome’

Beyonce’s new single ‘Be Alive’ might have grabbed one of the top trending spots but it looks like a majority of the listeners did not dig the song. “It’s sound so so so Bad I love Beyonce but the trailer version was awesome this is nothing to do whit that,” claimed one user as another chimed in, “Flopped already”. One user asked, “How come the trailer version sounds better than the whole song?” And another tweeted, “It’s for a movie. Beyonce hasn’t even acknowledged the song”, referring to the singer not sharing a post on her socials.
The next one seemed to be a Taylor Swift fan as the user said, “No one cares its taylors day.” Another claimed Beyonce, “Fell off after formation.” One user shared, “Beyoncé's Be Alive sounds almost nothing like on the trailer it's like they fired the person who was responsible for the instruments and they left with their work. first it was Summer now it's Beyoncé... but I love those girls so I'm gonna listen like my life depends on it.” One stated, “She didn’t post anything about be alive yet...  classic Beyonce.” While, one concluded, “#BeAlive arrangement feels like a weaker version of #RingTheAlarn. Vocals are great as usual but the song feels extremely boring compared to the empowerment we get from the trailer. VERY disappointing.”