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Brooke Martin: TikToker slams vicious bullies who compare her to Buzz Lightyear, Lord Farquaad over jawline

The 23-year-old has chosen to embrace her strong jawline instead, claiming that trolls who continue to harass her are simply 'obsessed'
Brooke Martin has been bullied all her life for her square jaw but says she would rather die than change her appearance (MamaBrooke/TikTok)
Brooke Martin has been bullied all her life for her square jaw but says she would rather die than change her appearance (MamaBrooke/TikTok)

NEW ZEALAND: A 23-year-old New Zealand blogger has been linked to Buzz Lightyear and other male cartoon characters because of her prominent jawline. Brooke Martin recently opened up on her social media platform and revealed that she has spent her entire childhood being compared to Lord Farquaad and Buzz Lightyear, but she believes the insults no longer bother her. Brooke said on her new TikTok post that she has decided to embrace her strong jawline instead, and claimed that the haters who have been bothering her are just "obsessed."

Brooke was once called ‘disgusting’ by a vicious troll, who also said that she shouldn't be on social media. She advised those who frequently comment on her videos to unsubscribe if they don't like her. In reaction to abusive remarks made online, she responded, “If you have a problem with me, pop off.” The New Zealand blogger slammed some of her followers who advised her to seek surgery to fix the bold feature. “I would rather die,” she remarked. Multiple users mocked her looks by comparing her to Lord Farquaad, a fictional character from Shrek and Buzz Lightyear. 


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One user wrote, “Hey, it’s Lord Farquaad.” Another quipped, “to infinity and beyond,” while referring to Buzz Lightyear. Many users in the comment section also made an effort to sugarcoat their awkward queries. One woman wrote, “I don't mean to be rude because you really are pretty. Like for real. But do you have a condition or is this just a deformity?” Before Brooke comment anything, many of her loyal followers came to her defense. One such user responded back, “Just because you say you don't mean to be rude doesn't mean what you say is made un-rude.” Another person advised her to keep her mouth shut since everyone should be able to enjoy ‘what makes them unique.’

Meanwhile, Brooke also gets nice remarks about her TikTok appearance. One follower commented, "That's jawsome" in response to a video with the caption "they know me as the girl with the square jaw." While another described Broke as stunning. Someone wrote, “I think you look beautiful.” “Didn't they get the memo? It is hip to be square,” yet another user remarked. Brooke also uses her TikTok handle named, ‘girl with square jaw’ to share photos of her as a little girl with her father, who had a similar, very prominent jawline. She also offers daily updates on her pregnancy journey to her 40k plus TikTok followers.