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Blinks rage at Epik High’s Tablo for his tweet about 2016 Coachella, fans say, ‘blonks mad'

Tablo tweets about Epik High's Coachella achievements from 2016 and now in 2022 have caused rage amongst Blackpink fans
UPDATED APR 22, 2022
Blinks call out Tablo (R) for pointing out that EPIK HIGH was the first K-pop act to perform at Coachella and not Blackpink (L) (Rich Fury/Getty Images; @blobyblo/Instagram)
Blinks call out Tablo (R) for pointing out that EPIK HIGH was the first K-pop act to perform at Coachella and not Blackpink (L) (Rich Fury/Getty Images; @blobyblo/Instagram)

Looks like Twitter is in unrest today and Epik High’s Tablo aka Daniel Armand Lee is to blame for it. As the last few weeks have been somewhat controversial for the Blackpink fandom because of the music festival - Coachella - taking place in the US this week. With K-pop acts like Jackson Wang, 2NE1, and soon aespa gracing the star-studded lineup for the event that is back again after the grappling Covid-19 pandemic, fans are enjoying all the content that they get from the show. But it seems like FOMO has caught on to Blinks who are calling back to Blackpink’s iconic 2019 performance at the event that was a global success.

Other than extending support to the other acts that are currently performing at the show, fans of Blackpink have been seen engaging in Twitter fights with aespa, 2NE1, and BIGBANG fans. Now it seems like Blackpink fans are attacking High Skools (fans of EPIK HIGH) and with them, in the words of Blinks, their “token fans”, ARMYs (fans of BTS). On April 22, Tablo of Epik High made a tweet with an image and a shrug emoticon to announce that the K-pop HipHop boy band was not only the first act to attend the American event Coachella back in 2016 but will also be the first-ever act to revisit the music festival in the year 2022.


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Blinks attack Epik High’s Tablo

While Tablo himself has said nothing about Blackpink or any other K-pop group in his tweet, fans of the YG Entertainment girl group have taken the Tweet personally and are attacking the alternative hip-hop group’s leader. Blinks allege that Epik High has nothing to do with bringing K-pop on the global map and it was Blackpink’s performance that went on to be a global success. Blinks also called out the hip-hop group leader claiming that Epik High had used Blackpink Lisa’s single, ‘Money’ to promote their own comeback single which is why Tablo should not belittle Blackpink like this.

One Blackpink fan said, “We need @BLACKPINK comeback so these kpop acts who literally made no noise outside Korea know their place. Everyone getting a little too brave lately.” Another Blink said, “And it wouldn't change the fact that blackpink is the first kpop group to perform at the coachella!” One Blink pointed out, “EPIK HIGH used MONEY as a sound to promote their world tour 2022 and suddenly shading BLACKPINK now, the level of hypocrisy.” One Blackpink fan said, “Changing sides and constantly reminding everyone about your performance that made no noise, isn’t going to make you relevant.”

One more Blink said, “The way you have to constantly remind ppl of this bc no one remembers the performance or who you are.” One more Blink added, “Men need to shut the f**k up when women speak. Nobody invited your a**es here. Blackpink is still the first girl group, like why does these deranged companies treat Blackpink like a villain that needs to be defeated when all they do is release music once in a blue moon.” One Blink mocked, “how the general public would react if u ask them who epik high is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”










Blinks attack ‘token fans’ aka ARMYs

Not only that but as the history of Blinks vs ARMYs would have it, Blinks noticed that BTS fans started liking and sharing Tablo’s tweet. They alleged that BTS ARMY was only blowing up the issue because of the tiff with Blackpink fans and not because they really supported Epik High. Blinks went on to call ARMYs ‘token fans’ of the K-HipHop group as one Blink said, “Yall would token stanning some random group just to shade on blackpink, embarrassing.”

One Blink said, “The groups that are related to Coachella and this issue are - Blackpink,  Epik high,  2ne1,  aespa bt u will find #that (BTS) fandom in the replies while their fav was not even mentioned. Atp they gonna token stan every damn sh*t just to hate on bp the obsession is out of hand.”



‘Where are your morals?’

On the other hand, fans of Epik High supported Tablo saying, “I just want to say if you think your insults would hurt tablo, he's already been far through worse and has nothing to prove as a musician to newbie kpoppies.” One fan pointed out that it was Epik High that recommend Blackpink saying, “Tablo and Epik High are literally the nicest seniors anyone can ever ask for and I can't believe the hate they're throwing at him. Where are your morals gone? He literally recommended BLACKPINK for Coachella.”

Another fan said, “Blonks mad at tablo's tweet when he literally recommended blackpink to perform at coachella, like relax he's not throwing shade at ur faves.” One BTS fan put down the ‘token fans’ comment saying, “Token stan epik high” giggles while i stare at my signed tour poster.” One ARMY blatantly stated, “Can you name a epik high song" nope but that wont stop me from being in yalls business like yall were with bts for the past few months and what you gonna do about it! yall token stan everyone under the sun if they're against bts, you think im gonna say something if armys do too?”






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