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Lisa joins Blackpink in France for Paris Fashion Week, Blinks say 'bienvenue Lisa'

Fans and reporters mobbed the airport as Lisa made a grand entry in France to attend the Paris Fashion week joining the rest of Blackpink
Lisa photographed leaving South Korea as she joins the other members of Blackpink to attend Paris Fashion Week (Dispatch/South Korea,@lalalalisa_m/Instagram)
Lisa photographed leaving South Korea as she joins the other members of Blackpink to attend Paris Fashion Week (Dispatch/South Korea,@lalalalisa_m/Instagram)

K-pop idols are taking over the fashion industry one after another as many idols make an appearance at various shows including the Paris Fashion Week of 2022 which started at the end of September 2021. With Rose from Blackpink being the first of two K-pop idols attending the 2021 Met Galal with K-pop superstar, CL in attendance as well, it was as if a dam had been opened and multiple idols made their appearances at various fashion events.

It was reported that three members of Blackpink had left for Paris, France to attend the 2021 Paris Fashion Week to represent the brands they are global ambassadors for. That was not it, GOT7's Mark Tuan also broke the Internet not only once or twice but thrice as he attended three different shows at the Paris Fashion Week as he first dawned heels at one of the events and stupendously broke all heteronormative gender stereotypes encouraging fans to embrace their fashion choices.


GOT7's Mark Tuan breaks gender norms again as he wears heels at Paris Fashion Week

Blackpink Jisoo slays in Dior Athena dress at Paris Fashion Week, draws record crowd


Lisa welcomed in France

With her arrival in France on October 4, Lisa began trending on Twitter as fans started talking about her leaving South Korea and joining the three other members in order to attend Paris Fashion Week. Blinks started trending, '#BienvenueLisa' as she departed for France from Incheon International Airport, South Korea. On her way into the airport, Lisa was photographed by fansites and reporters who mobbed the place making it difficult for her to enter the airport.

Lisa is the final member of Blackpink to arrive in France after Rose and Jisoo first left for France on September 25 and Lisa was confirmed to join them soon. Jennie was the last confirmed member who will attend the Chanel event as their global ambassador on October 5 and is already in France traveling before the day of the event.


'Lisa En France'

Fans have gone wild as they continue to talk about Lisa entering France as they cannot wait for her successful presence at the Celine event as she represents the brand globally. After Jisoo was mobbed by French fans at the Dior Event she attended, Lisa was met with the same fate as fans welcomed their idol warmly. Lisa was seen at the airport as she joyfully danced to her latest hit single, 'Lalisa' and greeted reporters such as Dispatch, a South Korean news outlet that fans supposedly hate for stirring up controversy about idols' lives.

One fan said, "She really is besties with dispatch lmao." Another fan joked about a Korean fansite owner being pushed around in the mob that gathered for Lisa. Another fan said, "She brought so many luggages. She might have 100 wardrobe changes in SOLM MV." One fan said, "Have fun and take care of yourself lisayaaaa." Another fan commented, "My baby Lisa is so happy. She can meet her mom after a long time. I cant wait for this daughter mother bonding it's time for your freedom baby. Enjoy in Paris love have a safe flight." One more fan said, "I love you so much and it's so nice to finally see you at the airport Lili, have a safe flight and enjoy your stay in Paris and I'm so happy you'll see your mummy too."