Were Jennie's photos leaked from her private Instagram? Blackpink rapper deletes all burner account followers

Were Jennie's photos leaked from her private Instagram? Blackpink rapper deletes all burner account followers
Fans call for immediate action from YG Entertainment after Jennie deletes all her followers from her alleged private Instagram account (@jennierubyjane/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: The Blackpink Jennie "private photos leak" issue is now seriously turning into a gross invasion of the K-pop idol's privacy as one after the other, more private pictures of the rapper leak online. It first started back in May when Jennie was allegedly spotted with BTS V at Jeju Island. However, fans immediately debunked the photos claiming they were fake and edited. Months after that, the V-Jennie saga started all over again as a Twitter user, @gurumiharibo 'leaked' more photos of the two idols together. From one photo in the green room where BTS V (Kim Taehyung) was getting ready for his trip to Paris where Jennie was spotted in the background to an alleged couple picture of him with Jennie in his apartment.

The Twitter user claimed that the two idols were indeed dating but BTS fans took it upon themselves to expose @gurumiharibo when they revealed that the photo was actually synthesized and photoshopped from other old photos featuring the two idols. Not much after this, Blinks (fans of Blackpink) and ARMYs (fans of BTS) stated that the relationship is no longer their concern but the invasion of privacy of the two idols as @gurumiharibo 'leaked' more personal photos alleging V and Jennie were really seeing each other. However, the most recent photo leaked from the Twitter user has seen an immediate reaction from Jennie, herself.


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Were Jennie's private photos leaked by her friends?

On September 20, certain private photos of Jennie were leaked online one of which was an unseen photo of the Blackpink member while she was in a bathtub. Along with those, it was alleged that there were several NSFW photos of Jennie which enraged Blinks as the demanded action from Blackpink's label, YG Entertainment. It seems like Jennie is taking it upon herself to eliminate more leaks of her private photos. Back in August, it was alleged that a friend of BTS V and Blackpink Jennie was leaking their private photos and the same friend accompanied the two idols on their private trip to Jeju Island.

While there is no confirmation about this, fans think that Jennie suspected that someone following her private Instagram account was responsible for leaking her photographs online. Fans allege that Jennie has a burner Instagram account under the username @capybaraonly and reports suggest that Jennie deleted all 87 people from following the account. Fans are sure that the photos that were released online were all posted by Jennie for her friends on the burner account and the leakers had hacked into that account. Other fans also believe that one of Jennie's friends was working with the leakers to make a scandal out of her private life.


'This is now beyond f*****g weird'

Blinks are furious as they demand answers from YG Entertainment asking the label to protect Jennie from her privacy being invaded. One fan said, "If everything was coming from her locked account and Gurumi took all the pic from there, why didn't we see her delete the pic's and she has more than 300 pic in her locked account, couldn't Gurumi take all of them and publish them as evidence?" Another fan responded, "The capybaraonly account unfollowed everyone and removed all their followers after these leaks, so it's definitely her account (or a major coincidence). it's possible that they hacked her icloud though, and that's why the photos haven't been deleted." One more fan said, "Jennie literally doesn’t deserve the shit y’all are putting her through first you hack her iCloud then expose nude pictures of her .. this now beyond f*****g weird and I hope karma gets you all."

Another fan said, "For everyone saying YG & HYBE not protecting them...listen, when you are investigating someone, you don't announce it to the whole world & you don't announce it to the press. Let the companies do their thing. Her Instagram move may be something her team asked her to do." One fan responded, "Well not really. U can investigate something & also threaten legal action against those who share the private pics. YG r just being useless as per usual. It’s gotten to the point supposed bathtub pics r being shared of Jennie…legit every company would hav done something by now." One fan sympathized, "She's going through soo much people can't respect her privacy, she just a girl who want to live her private life away from the work life. This is making me sooo angry if I could I will get that hacker and everyone else hating on her with my own hands." One fan said, "This is getting to be just overly creepy. Just cause she is an idol doesn’t mean people should invade her only privacy she has outside the spotlight. It happened before on her photography acc and she said before she wants her privacy. YG really needs to do something."







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