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Blackpink announce 'Born Pink' with a pre-release single, fans say 'we got clowned again'

YG Entertainment announces that Blackpink will pre-release a single in August ahead of their full album comeback in September and a World Tour in October
Fans share their reactions to YG Entertainment announcing Blackpink's 'Born Pink' comeback with a pre-release single in August and a full album in September 2022 (YG Entertainment)
Fans share their reactions to YG Entertainment announcing Blackpink's 'Born Pink' comeback with a pre-release single in August and a full album in September 2022 (YG Entertainment)

Blackpink has announced their new comeback with the catchphrase 'Born Pink' but it seems like the wait for Blinks (fans of Blackpink) to finally be able to see the girl group will not be over anytime soon. Intially it was announced that the girl group's full-length album was scheduled to be released in August of 2022 but now, it has been pushed back to September this year. Over the last few months, fans of Blackpink had been extremely furious with YG Entertainment for not releasing any new music from the four-member girl group since their last full album comeback with 'The Album' back in October 2020.

One rumor after the other, it was revealed that Blackpink will be making a comeback followed by a world tour in the second half of 2022. Since June, Blinks had been anticipating a comeback from their favorite girl group but months just went by without Blackpink releasing any new music. Blackpink recently released their single, 'Ready For Love' with a music video featuring the AI versions of Blackpink members for their collaboration with the game, PUBG. The single was an old track that some fans of Blackpink had already heard which is why some fans began wondering if the girl group was ever going to release a new track.


Blackpink has NO promotions yet unlike TWICE and SNSD, fans ask 'will they break any records?'

Blackpink fans mock YG Entertainment's 'lack of creativity' by trending 'The Comeback' as next album title


Blackpink announce their new comeback with 'Born Pink'

Looks like they are as it was announced that Blackpink will be releasing a pre-release single in August 2022 which will be followed by their second full-length album that will finally be released in September 2022. On July 31, YG Entertainment teased the official comeback trailer for Blackpink's new album as they announced the release of 'Born Pink'.


Blackpink will finally be ending their 1-year-10-month-long hiatus with a pre-release single which will later be followed by a full album release. Not only that but it was also announced that Blackpink will be going on their world tour in the month of October. While the video did not reveal any specific dates for Blackpink's upcoming comeback, fans are looking forward to seeing Blackpink release new songs for the first time in years.


'Who brings the most income? Blackpink'

However, fans are also sharing their displeasure with YG Entertainment postponing Blackpink's album release by another month by joking how they were 'clowned' by the label another time. One fan said, "We've been clowned since the beginning of this year and now we're finally here!" One more fan said, "I have been clowned by this fandom for 999999998967832th time and now it's real."

One fan said, "Again we clowned by blackpink bro it is already july's last week are u kiddin me?" However some fans supported the girl group for their comeback as one fan said, "Who brings most of the income to the company and saves it from bankruptcy every single time?” blackpink." Another fan said, "BORN PINK” HELLO ???? WE ACTUALLY GOT A SPOILER FROM CHAELISA VLIVE??!?!?!" One fan said, "Other companies last night when born pink trailer was dropped."