‘BLINKS FIGHT FOR BLACKPINK’ trends as fans rage at YG Entertainment for group hiatus

‘BLINKS FIGHT FOR BLACKPINK’ trends as fans rage at YG Entertainment for group hiatus
Fans express anger towards Blackpink's label YG Entertainment as the girl group has been on a 20-month hiatus without a comeback announcement (@blackpinkofficial; @peterashlee/Instagram; Twitter)

There will always be unrest in the Blackpink fandom as long as YG Entertainment continues to mistreat the four-member girl group, with fans of the group already giving up on the record label multiple times.

Blackpink made its debut under YG Entertainment in 2016, but despite being active in the K-pop industry for so many years, the girl group has released less than 25 songs over the last six years.

On one hand, this can be considered an achievement for the girl group that has become one of the biggest K-pop girl groups despite limited releases. But, it seems like the long hiatus from Blackpink and no confirmation for future activities is making a lot of dedicated fans of the girl group tired of waiting. The girl group made a comeback in October of 2020, when they released their first full-length album, ‘The Album’, with eight tracks alongside the lead single, ‘How You Like That’.


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YG still hasn’t announced a Blackpink Comeback?

Now, 20 months later, Blackpink is yet to release any new update about a full-group comeback, whereas it was originally rumored that Blackpink would be making not one but two comebacks in the year 2022. Many reports also claimed that Blackpink was going to go on a world tour in the third half of 2022. As the year 2022 quickly moves on to its second half, there is still no news about either of the two Blackpink comebacks. Not only that, in March of 2022, member Jennie had asked fans to look forward to more activities from Blackpink, and which had excited fans.

Now, as the radio silence from YG Entertainment persists, fans have started getting frustrated as they trend “BLINKS FIGHT FOR BLACKPINK” on Twitter. With the phrase, fans are asking other Blinks (fans of Blackpink) to join in their movement as they fight with the label demanding a comeback from Blackpink. While members of the girl group have been active in various solo brand endorsements and solo projects related to music or fashion, Blinks who had intially tuned in to Blackpink’s music and became fans of the group are heartbroken. Fans believe that Blackpink members have had a very long period of rest and it is high time that the girl group and their fans be respected despite members’ focus on their solo gigs.


‘F**k YG, you’re so greedy!’

Fans have also been trending the hashtag #YGStopDelayingBLACKPINKMusic as they ask for more music-related activities for Blackpink. One fan said, “My enemy no. 1 is YG Entertainment.” One more fan said, “Prepare for what?? YG didn’t even confirm a comeback date yet?? BLINKS FIGHT FOR BLACKPINK.” Another fan said, “Yg’s literally disrespecting the pinks as an artist and sabotaging their career. Like wtf they trained and sacrificed their childhood to be an artists and that’s how they’ll treat them.” One more fan said, “BLACKPINK has been apologizing for no comeback since their ROOKIE DAYS… They even asked on national TV for comeback…”

Another fan said, “I’m so tired, it has been almost 2 years and all we have been getting is ”soon” and yg just keeps delaying the cb. yg is just using blackpink to promote their bgs and milk money from them from useless things.” One fan said, “F**k yg, give blackpink a comeback asap!!!! You're so greedy yg!!!!” Another fan said, “Blackpink teenage years are basically them away from family, in high stress conditions constantly working on their craft to debut as IDOL group…” One fan said, “Don't make them stay away from Music on their peak of their career.”











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