Tech support guy walks into 'racist' Atlanta garden with Blackface statues in viral video

The Black internet support worker, who identifies as 'Malachee' on social media, compared the White home owner to the antagonists in Jordan Peele's 'Get Out'

                            Tech support guy walks into 'racist' Atlanta garden with Blackface statues in viral video
Malachee's TikTok video crossed over 3 million views since it was posted on July 15 (TikTok @malacheeman)

A Black internet service provider went through what he dubs the  'Get Out' experience when he walked into an Atlanta home with Blackface minstrelsy statues all over the property. Captured in a viral TikTok, the incident sees the tech support guy walk towards the house with the infamous anti-Black figurines known as 'coon caricatures' sprawled all over the property's lush green lawns as garden ornaments.

Although this wasn't an incident of a 'Karen' freaking out, it does come amidst a spate of White women attacking Black people, like the New Jersey Victoria's Secret Karen faking a full-fledged mental breakdown at the lingerie outlet after a Black shopper filmed her attacking her. Another Atlanta 'Courtside Karen' was slammed back in February after she publicly yelled the word "pu***" at Lakers star LeBron James during a match. 


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The garden ornaments displayed in this particular Atlanta home made the TikToker compare the inhabitant of the house to the White antagonists from the Jordan Peele horror movie 'Get Out'. The movie revolves around Daniel Kaluuya's lead character, a Black man, who finds himself in a disturbing Black-people auction when he goes to visit his White girlfriend's (Allison Williams) parents for the first time. 

Daniel Kaluuya in 'Get Out' (IMDb)

According to research by Ferris State University, the Atlanta home's figurines belong to a category of anti-Black imagery with a few defining features – glossy black ‘skin,’ eyes that appear to bulge out, and large, red lips usually stretched out into a too-wide smile, along with a flat nose and curly hair. 'Coon caricatures,' as they are called, intend to portray Black people as lesser human beings, showing them as wild, savage and childish, or with negative and deviant sexual or criminal traits.

The TikTok user who posted the videos goes by the username @malacheeman and identifies himself as Malacheè across all social media platforms. The clip has a total of 3 million views and opens with the young Black man answering a house call to fix a woman's internet connection. The voiceover narrates, "I went over to this lady’s house to fix her wifi, and I see this," as the camera pans to a Black minstrel figure, eating watermelon: “Is it really eating watermelon?” the narration asks, before panning over to the "lawn jockey", another anti-Black figurine, placed just outside the front door. “My God, I just knew this was racist,” the voice-over says, continuing in a part two: “She offered me coffee, but I watched Get Out too many times.”


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As the man enters the house, the camera shows the interiors. In the voiceover, he reveals his “manager came to save” him, as the camera fixates on a table with a book called 'Let Trump Be Trump.' Users also noticed a watermelon coaster, sharing their observations in the comments. Another elaborated on the 'Get Out' reference, noting: "Good thing you didn’t take the coffee. She probably would’ve hit the spoon against the cup a couple times, and we would’ve never saw you again.” In a third video, the man jokes about the home owner's obsession with Black people, proven by the figurines all over the property. “Who wouldn’t wanna be Black? Who wouldn’t want all this chocolate?”, he asks his audience.