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'Black Ink Crew: Chicago': Ryan seems ready to move on from Rachel, but Kitty is interested in David

Ryan once blatantly denied being in a relationship with Kitty
Kitty Sovain, Ryan Henry and Rachel Leigh (VH1)
Kitty Sovain, Ryan Henry and Rachel Leigh (VH1)

The makers of 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' seem to be more invested in Ryan Henry's relationship than himself. He is still struggling to move on from Rachel Leigh, with whom he has a son. The couple had their issues and they split long ago but Ryan wants to give it another shot. They tried vacationing but that didn't restore old sparks. 

Tonight, we will see how Ryan talks to his friend Donald Brumfield about him and Rachel trying to work things out but how her bringing up the past isn't helping. On the other hand, Rachel tells a friend that she and Ryan are done at the moment. Will Ryan take the hint, move on from Rachel and go back to Kitty Sovain? Ryan and Kitty share an interesting friendship, which has now left both of them confused.

It all began with a friendly invitation for Kitty to shift base to Chicago, which she readily agreed to. From there on, they began meeting and sharing their life's worries. They were spotted hanging out often. But all of that came to a screeching halt on the day Charmaine Walker hosted a party on account of her baby's gender reveal. Ryan stopped talking to Kitty and with Rachel around it became obvious for those attending the event that he was still hung up. This got to Kitty, who confronted Ryan at another event. 

Since then, Ryan has made repeated attempts to keep the communication clear between him and Kitty. But it now appears, she could be over him. 

Jessica's friend from London, David, arrives at 2nd City Ink and the first person he meets is Kitty, whom he thinks is cute and would definitely ask out in the future. Kitty too doesn't hold back when it comes to praising David's good looks. Is there a chance David and Kitty would get together? Possibly. How upset will Ryan be if it turned out to be true? Only time will tell. 

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