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BIGBANG's first PAK for 'Still Life' breaks record, enters 2 Billboard Global charts

Not only does ‘Still Life’ chart on two Billboard songs charts but also help BIGBANG bag their 34th Perfect All-Kill
UPDATED APR 12, 2022
BIGBANG charts on Billboard with comeback single, 'Still Life' as fans flex Perfect All-Kill despite no promotions from YG Entertainment (BIGBANG/YG Entertainment)
BIGBANG charts on Billboard with comeback single, 'Still Life' as fans flex Perfect All-Kill despite no promotions from YG Entertainment (BIGBANG/YG Entertainment)

It hasn’t even been 10 days since the second-gen YG Entertainment boy group BIGBANG made a comeback and now they are already proving they really are the kings of K-pop. The YG Entertainment boy group not only recorded their first PAK (Perfect All Kill) for their comeback single, ‘Still Life’ but on April 12, it was announced that ‘Still Life’ had officially broken a new record for the group and entered not only one but two of Billboard’s Global charts. It was reported that BIGBANG had entered two Billboard Global Songs charts, both in the Top 10.

‘Still Life’, the new comeback song from BIGBANG was an overnight success that reclaimed the four-member boy group's position as leads in the K-pop industry. Now their international popularity explodes even further as they enter the Billboard Global 200 Chart at Number 9. Not only that, but ‘Still Life’ also ranked Number 3 on the Billboard Global Exclusive US Chart on the same day. The single also has recorded 34 million streams and sold 29,700 albums since its release on April 5.


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BIGBANG bags 1st PAK for ‘Still Life’

While the comeback single from BIGBANG has been an international success, the single also has been doing exceptionally well on domestic charts in South Korea. On April 12 it was also announced that alongside their Billboard Global chart achievements, BIGBANG had also recorded their first perfect all-kill for ‘Still Life’ and added on to their list of PAK’s over the years with their 34th total Perfect All-Kill.

A Perfect All-Kill or PAK is a music chart achievement in South Korea where a song simultaneously reaches number one on the real-time, daily, and weekly components of iChart, a music chart ranking aggregator operated by Instiz. This is a rather bigger record for the second-gen boy group considering the fact that the boy group had achieved a PAK without having any performances or promotions for the song other than its original music video that was released along with the single.


‘BIGBANG made it to Billboard 200’

One fan said, “Bigbang made it into billboard200 long time ago. But still life debut #9 billboard200 without proper promo, no performance in 2022 where people claimed “No OnE KnOwS BiGbAnG oUtSide KoReA” is chef’s kiss.” Another fan said, “Just let me know when a full korean ballad song with no promo before nor after the release plus after 4 years of radio silence hiatus achieves what still life has achieved so far.” One fan said, “BIGBANG demonstrating how Realtime All Kill (RAK), Certified All Kill (CAK), Perfect All Kill (PAK) works.”

Another fan explained, “The few reasons kpop groups succeed includes extreme marketing and good financial investments and sponsors. BIGBANG's reason is because they're BIGBANG. Little to no promotional material, and yet they're at the top. Also because VIPS dont force others to listen to their music.” One fan quoted, “BIGBANG achieved PAK without doing anything such as promotions on tv/variety shows other than release the song and disappear.”