Is Jin married? Jimin hilariously exposes eldest BTS member

Is Jin married? Jimin hilariously exposes eldest BTS member
Jimin laughs and ask if the video can be shown to fans after RM describes Jin's house (BTS/Weverse, BANGTANTV/YouTube)

Pretty sure that BTS must have not expected the chaos that followed when they announced chapter 2. We first had misinterpretations and HYBE’s stocks fell when the internet thought BTS was splitting up or going on hiatus. The members had to personally assure fans and deny all disbanding allegations. It was then followed by excitement as chapter 2 focuses on their solo careers from fans already getting a glimpse of J-hope’s upcoming album, V working with IU’s lyricist while Suga produces for Jimin and works on the sequel to ‘D-2’. Chapter 2 also includes the BTS members finally leaving their dorms and staying separately which turned out to be the catalyst for Jin’s marriage rumors.

To enforce camaraderie and teamwork, K-pop trainees are made to live together and it is only years after their entry into the K-pop industry do they move out of the dorms. Well, it took BTS 9 years but they have finally bought their own homes and fans were amused with their personalities seeping into the way they decorated them. While RM’s place is artsy as expected, Jungkook’s computer in his kitchen had everyone confused. But it was Jin’s place that caught everyone’s eye as RM described it as a ‘newlywed’ place. If that wasn’t enough, Jimin’s response to it has ARMY now hilariously trying to guess if the eldest BTS member is married or has a fiancee.

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Jimin laughs after RM describes Jin's house (BANGTANTV/YouTube)

RM describes Jin’s house as ‘newlyweds’

While describing Jin’s house, RM said, “Yours kind of looks like a newlywed house.” Jin who had just boasted that he lived in every guy’s dream home with a tent in the living room asked, “Newlywed? With that game room?” RM tried to explain his reasoning, “It is all white and the place is bright. Kind of like a newlywed home.” While fans loved their bantering and didn’t think too much about RM’s words, it was Jimin’s reaction to the whole exchange that has now turned heads. After RM described Jin’s house, Jimin laughed and asked, “Newlywed…? How much of all this can we air? I’m so curious.”


Fans at first thought RM called Jin’s house like a newlywed’s because it was sparse and did not have anything like a newlywed who gets gifted all the appliances and furniture. But with Jimin asking if RM had revealed something that they weren’t supposed to and if it could be aired to fans, ARMY is now reading into his reaction. Some joked that Jimin was the one who had accidentally exposed Jin with his question.

‘Alright who got married?’

One fan tweeted, “Jimin laughing extra at the description of jin’s apartment as a “newlywed” home and then asking how much of this can they air 👀👀👀 alright who got married?” Another joked, “So …. They just blew Jin’s cover…. He is married……. To his games.” One wondered, “Ppl speculating that Jin’s married because of comments during the Festa dinner. Would you have that fine face gaming in your house for 4 days and not at least set a sandwich and a bag of chips next to his keyboard ever few hours? If the man isn't fed, the man isn't wed."




Another said, “Jin's house looks like a newlywed house cause we just got married.” One ARMY pointed out, “Cant believe jin is the one getting married allegations on tiktok when this is from the same video.” But one ARMY wrote, “Jimin laughing at joon saying jin's house looks like a newlywed's house, and saying "how much of this can we air" .... SOMEONE IS DEFINITELY MARRIED.”




Another shared, “Ok but are we also going to let it go that someone said Jin is living like a newlywed and Jimin said “how much of this are we going to be able to air?” Turns out it wasn’t Namjoon secretly married with kids.” One ARMY added, “Why jin getting married allegations aint this man just say he forgot to eat correctly for 4 days straight, has a tent in his living room & plays games for 20hrs straight.”



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