'Big Brother' Fan Review: Can 'mastermind' Tiffany and Hannah get out of elimination?

With the cookout making it to top 6, it seems as though Tiffany and Hannah's safety is now on the line

                            'Big Brother' Fan Review: Can 'mastermind' Tiffany and Hannah get out of elimination?
Tiffany and Hannah as seen on 'Big Brother' (CBS)

Tensions are high in the 'Big Brother' house at the competition, inches closer to crowning this season's winner. Forming alliances and creating pacts is the most effective way to play the game, however, it's only a select few that make it till the end. And looks like this season, the cookout alliance nailed their agenda.

The cookout -- which consists of Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier, Kyland Young, Hannah Chaddha, Tiffany Mitchell, and Xavier Prather are now the top six, seeing that they evicted Claire and Alyssa in a double elimination. Now, that the cookout has served its purpose, it's every man and woman for themselves.

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With that being said, all the members soon began to scramble to create their own alliances within the six. Although Kyland played it cool, he held on to the fact that he was nominated alongside Alyssa by Hannah even though he had asked not to be. When it came down to mini alliances, Xavier and Kyland now formed what they called 'Gentlemen', seeing that planned on making it all the way to the end. Tiffany and Hannah too formed an alliance with Kyland, but it was clear where his loyalties were. Having won the HoH, Kyland let Tiffany and Hannah believe that they were safe as an alliance. 

"Tiffany and Hannah messed up Reaalllllll bad with Ky and X. Their minds are made up, babes. Damage control will do nothing at this point #BigBrother #bb23" tweeted a fan pointing out that it was too late to fix anything between them. "With that being said … it's time for azah and derek f to GOOOOOO. they've floated the entire game bc they're part of the cookout . #BigBrother" added another, seeing that they had been just passing by, without any wins on their resume. 

"DF: These girls ain't pulling their weight. Tiff gotta go. Tiff: *wins HOH twice* X: Tiff is selfish she gotta go. Tiff: *keeps her word & sends her BFF out the door* Ky: Tiff can't be trusted. She keeps lying to me. She gotta go. #BB23" added a fan seeing that Xavier saw Tiffany as the most obvious threat.







In addition to the internal chaos, fans were not thrilled with the edit the women of the house were getting. "What in the hell is this edit? The women have run this season and the edit is making it look like the men have done everything. @CBSBigBrother what the hell is wrong with you? #BB23" tweeted a user. "Let's keep it real, the guys are targeting Tiff because they know she's the mastermind and they can't win against her. All of that talk about sitting next to the strongest player is BS if they're not next to TIff!!! #BigBrother #bb23" stated a fan. "I want a season of women only, only women running the feeds and doing the edits too. The only male I'll accept is Heath bc he makes great comp sets. Enough with this male ego driven bs taking all the credit. #bb23 @CBSBigBrother" tweeted a fan.







With Tiffany and Hannah put up for elimination, it looks like the first cookout member might be on their way out soon. Who do you think it will be? Sound off below! 

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